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  1. Haha have you seen that picture that's been floating around the net for a while? "Intel Inside.. Idiot Outside" No offence or anything
  2. I'm in grade 8 at High School in Australia. In my job I want to somehow fuse 3d animation with 2d graphics programs.. my dream job would be working for Dreamworks or something like that (no pun intended ). Oh and I might occasionally catch Aatwo's train.
  3. Picc84, I used that one for a while. Although at the moment mine is a concept artwork for Lord Of The Rings. http://i69.photobucket.com/albums/i46/13_15_4_14_1_20_19/Other/art_mordor_1280.jpg
  4. You can't take code from a program, you need source files.
  5. Just select your tool when PDN loads..
  6. Haha: P.S PNG's suck :] They're only good for transparent stuff.
  7. Thanks! Yes, I drew it in 2 parts. I drew the face using Sketch It! on my Pocket PC. Then, I drew the clothes and colored it in MS Paint. Sketch It! has a great feature in that the line width while drawing changes based on how fast you are moving the stylist. When moving slowly it draws fine lines. When drawing fast it draws fat lines. It has a very natural feel. BTW, if you want to see how close my drawing is to me, look at this page: http://www.geocities.com/boltbaits/picture/ You did a really good job! @Picc84: Yeah.. have a few more goes and you'll get a better result! It's all about experimentation
  8. Wow. I never saw that before.. I don't know how though.. I've used Paint.NET so much.. thanks!
  9. I see where Rick is coming from.. since he is the sole moderator of Paint.NET, (I think?) he has to know what's going on
  10. That is a great way to do it! Better then what I came up with..
  11. It could be done. It was probably done using a brush in photoshop. Let me have a play around in Paint.NET and I'll tell you what I end up with.
  12. I have a question, BoltBait. Was your avatar drawn by you? If yes, awesome.
  13. Another way to make clouds that is very similiar, draw circles but with a grey 3 pixel outline, after a blur it defines the "Puffiness" a little more.
  14. There's no need for rudeness. Wow I apologise, I thought you were taking about designs on these forums. My bad.
  15. Born2killx, why do you act as if you know everything?
  16. Could you email me the PDN, Raven? letinlight@gmail.com Would be great, the picture looks cool Thanks
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