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  1. @ BoltBait It's only PDN that doesn't run on Mac, all the other programs do (sorry I didn't make myself clear in my other post :oops: ) Most people who use a computer for similar things that I do have said that Mac's are much faster, more reliable and end up with better results as a PC. @ usedHONDA Thanks I'll have a look at that......btw if I have any more questions I'll start a new topic (don't want to steel your thread lol ) Zacariem
  2. Since were on the Mac subject..... I'm wanting to get a iBook (as cheap as possible!) and I'm hoping to be able to do the same thing as usedHONDA with 'Q', since I'll be wanting to use PDN and other windows only programs. I'm looking at this specific iBook, (but any other suggestions will be great!). I'll probably be using it for listning to my music, PDN (obviously!), recording music on Audacity, and some 3D rendering in Blender3D. Do you think that Mac and windows will be too slow, or does anyone have any other suggestions??? Thanks a lot Zacariem 8)
  3. I don't get how you can 'make a new PC' with 3000MB. Your PC has to phisically have 3000MB...........sorry if I'm missing something I'm thinking of going down the Mac road and all this is reeeaaaly interesting :shock: !!! Zacariem 8)
  4. @ umja345: did you do that in pdn and one of the animation programs???
  5. Hmmmmmmm..........I can't remember wheather I've posted here before but anyway...... I've posted my most recent/favourite stuff on this post, but if you want to see a full list of pretty much everything I've done/Is worth seing , then go here (lots of pretty pictures on a ver big page )! Enjoy!!! OH and don't forget to check out the full page here! Zacariem 8)
  6. Hi! I just finished my sig and avatar so I thought I'd post it.....I can't deside weather I like it or not: It's kinda obvious to anyone who looks at the Tutorials forum where I got the fire from lol hehe! Any comments? Zacariem 8)
  7. (not meaning to be offencive 8) ) I wasted years of my life playing Runescape, so it has to be one of the worst!!!
  8. worked! I don't know why I hadnt thought that before! I had 4 or 5 fonts that were about 2 MB each! Zacariem
  9. hmmm....I'll have a look through them, see if I can delete any I don't need.... thanks for your replies Zacariem
  10. Hmmmm looks interesting..........I'll have a proper look at that later....... Thanks for your help Since I last posted I found out about a program called 'Parallels Desktop for Mac' Anyone know if it's anygood??? EDIT: What about BootCamp? Zacariem 8)
  11. Hi all... For some reason I can't change the font in pdn. i click on the arrow to change the font and it crashes for about a muinet then goes back to the default 'Ariel'. Anyone got any ideas??? Zacariem
  12. Hi all! I've been thinking lately about buying myself a laptop. Obviously I'm into Paint.NET and other graphix stuff. I also do quite a bit of home recording (I play guitar :wink: ) and very amature movie making. However, my uncle who is in the recording buisness, and many other people I've bumped into say that a Mac is perfect for everything I'm wnting to do..............but I just don't think I can make the switch from windows Then I sudenly find out about running windows and mac together!? That would be perfect but I havn't got a clue about price or anything so................ Can anyone help me out here?....................anyone?........ EDIT: I must warn you that I don't realy get what all this is about, so suggestions of other possibilities would be realy apresiated......and even if you think it's best to stick to Windows, or go for Mac on it's own then POST POST POST ! lol! Zacariem (very confused and feeling slightly useless........ :? )[/i]
  13. Sticking to the festive feeling : Just a quickie so it's not that good! I did it with a load of zoom blurs and motion blurs, lol !!! Zacariem 8)