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  1. Yeah.. there's definatly a lot of talent there.. @Illnab1024: Thanks for that I couldn't find the word/s I was looking for
  2. Awesome! Reminds me of a glass-like painting! You know like they have in the churches?
  3. I'm just wondering if this will ever be implemented into Paint.NET? Thanks
  4. MyCroft, if you use the Ellipse Select tool, you can fill just your selection with the gradient
  5. Ahh, Illnab1024! The way you wrote Chromework reminds me of homework.. :shock:
  6. I noticed some things from Burnt Face Man.. Such as the "GEORGE" image. "I'm telling on you, I'm getting you done! and the picture of The HL2 guy playing HL2.. in his underwear
  7. Born2kill, when the programs starts up, there will be some links there. One will be to "Absolutely Beginners Guide blahblah". Click that and watch those videos. They are a massive help.
  8. Akylas, if the photos look washed out at all.. Duplicate the layer and set the layer that's on top to multiply. If there a certain parts of the photo that are washed out yet if you do this to the whole picture it looks strange, use the lasso select tool to select the part you'd like to enhance, and put that on a new mutiply layer. Hope that helps
  9. @Aatwo: Have you ever 'drawn inspiration' from Burnt Face Man in any of your cartoons? @Everyone Else: I wanna see more art!
  10. Yeah I've tried it before, yet I feel the roll tool suits my needs perfectly. But hey, everyone is different
  11. Yeah me neither, I actually found it out be accident
  12. If you did some anti-aliasing of the words it would be even better.
  13. Okay, it's changed now. Thanks for the advice, I never would have thought of doing the resize thing!
  14. Holy cow.. that's huge!! When you say about the anti-aliasing.. Do you mean in the full-size or actual sig?
  15. Awesome Rick! I've never been able to do per-pixel image editing.. EDIT: I've noticed that image is called "pdn30logo_small" If that's small.. what's big? :shock: EDITEDIT: New sig. Here's a bigger version with a few minor differences. I realised this size was too big for a sig:
  16. Yep, that's the best way I've found to do it. Just hit Ctrl+Shift+Z and under the "Roll/Rotate" label just click and drag the sphere-looking object to roll the layer respectively.
  17. Oh cool, just thought something had gone wrong my my end. Thanks you guys!
  18. My Paint.NET update just prompted me that v2.64 was available.. and I downloaded & installed it. But on the Paint.NET homepage I still see things suggesting 2.63 is the most recent version.. Is there a mistake being made here?
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