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  1. Ironfist, I love the third one xD Hilarious (I have a weird sense of humour.. maybe we share a strange passion for stick man getting slaughtered. Oh how I used to dislike boring english lessons.. they are made a lot more enjoyable when you just draw the whole time.. wow this is a long message between two brackets (I love long messages (wow brackets within brackets))) Sorry, I got bored. :oops:
  2. Awesome, BoltBait! You should have some light shining on her face so it looks like she is looking into the bliss picture, but it's cool as it is! All of them are!
  3. Oh I see what you're getting at BoltBait.. Like a field or cornfield or something. Maybe using conditional hue/saturation effect (Plugin) would be a better way.. my tutorial was more aimed at grass poking up.. rather then in a field like that. But as CMD said, great idea.
  4. From what I've found you can use tolerance for either the Magic Wand or the Fill tool.. the more tolerance, the more area each with select/fill.
  5. It's in PS.. but I guess Adobe wouldn't do it the same way as Seared Ice..
  6. Expand it, then positition the sun, then "Image >> Canvas Size". Put in the dimensions for the banner, and where you see the 9 boxes, click the top left one.
  7. Cool! One thing, though: In the top right corner of the avatar there seems to be some "Aliasing" (Is that a word?) and maybe a blur is in need
  8. Hmm.. I have recently discovered a method for making easy clouds.. maybe it would benefit you? Example of what I mean: Would you like me to make a tutorial of this? Or is it irrelevant?
  9. Jake you got some nice things happening. I especially like this one: It's awesome!
  10. If you're looking for MDI.. It's coming soon.
  11. If you do a normal google web search for "1315414118" you get a link to the pictorium! w00t! Also, trickman, your avatar is nice.
  12. well.. they are.. spikey things? Haha, nah they are decoration.
  13. Hmm.. Maybe if you're going for a "technologic" look, a few numbers scrolling around would help. Also, maybe a more futuristic font? Try "terminal" or "courier new".. or something from dafont.com
  14. Polar Inversion + Tile Reflection (or vice-versa) = Unlimited amounts of fun
  15. Ok, here's my newest one. Not complete but I'd like to share what I have so far! Feedback appreciated Thanks!
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