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  1. Thought you guys might like this: http://korzik.net/uploads/posts/1156012276_ultimatepaint.jpg P.S Your browser might shrink it so it fits in the screen, make sure to zoom in.
  2. Cool @ everyone New pic, roughly based on the ocean. I liked the way the Seafloor turned out, it started out just as a grid.
  3. This topic could go on forever with software wars. I have photoshop, I have Paint.NET and GIMP too. I don't think choosing one is the best approach. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. There's no need to fight about them.. I probably sound like some politician but this seems to be happening more and more. Think of each program as a different medium for a painting/drawing. They are more suitable in certain situations. It shouldn't be a matter of "I have this now, so I have to get rid of what I used to have". Sorry for wasting your time if you read this far.. just needed to get that out.
  4. Poor BigBadWolf posted his images in the middle of a bit of a conflict. I like them, especially the simple orange one!
  5. Why would having an old computer make you want to test Paint.NET?
  6. I agree about the effect previews thing, but I think when a layer is invisible it shouldn't show on the thumbnail, I feel the thumbnail should be what the image would look like if you saved it right then. Just my opinion
  7. I think you'll find them to be the exact same colour.. well I drew two filled rectangles, one with 202020 and one with 1E1E1E, and they were both the same. Also, if you change your Hex to 202020 and draw a filled rect, then use the eyedropper.. it's 1E1E1E. Maybe it's an automatic conversion or something like that. It doesn't really matter though because they're the same color.
  8. Ahh the glories of 3d modelling... You can create some pretty cool textures with PDN.
  9. I think this has to end at somepoint.. it's kind of pointless
  10. Yeah, but it's not anti-aliasing. I don't know what it's called in other programs.. I only know Photoshop.
  11. It does? Maybe I just don't know what antialiasing is, but in PhotoPlus when you select something it selects a certain amount of pixels around it also, it's good for cropping images with the lasso tool. What you are talking about is called "feathering" in Photoshop.
  12. I'm sure something similiar to that could be re-created!
  13. Wo.. sorry this is totally off topic but she looks like my girlfreind... In the Sims2? Haha, I'm just kidding. I'm loving Zoom Blur, can't wait for 3.0 Rick!
  14. I'd like to have a look, if that's okay Rick.
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