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  1. Generally, drawing horizontal & vertical lines (and other things involving... horizontal and vertical lines) is a good place to disable anti-aliasing.
  2. A simple UI, CodeLab, a very supporting community, a lot of things.
  3. He's passed it on his other forum: http://forums.magictraders.com/ubbmisc.cgi?action=getbio&UserName=BoltBait
  4. "Advanced Greyscale", is the name it's under.
  5. "The end result would resemble the interface from paint.net, which in my view is far more intuitive in its menu structure."
  6. It sounds like the server has a hard time with Unicode (likely to save bandwidth).
  7. This effect lets you mix the Red, Green, and Blue channels separately as you convert an image to greyscale. Binary - AdvGrey.dll Source - Greyscale.cs Examples: More red channel: More green channel: Enjoy.
  8. I'm workin' on it... And here it is: http://paintdotnet.12.forumer.com/viewtopic.php?t=4242
  9. Instead of using the actual © symbol, use "©" That will help.
  10. #2 Finally! Nice drawing, nice cartoon, and can't wait to see more super jesus extreme!
  11. Hehe. Clean it up, usedHonda. "Template © [Whoever you got it from]; Content © usedHonda." Also, you need to put this at th beginning of the page: /p> "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml11/DTD/xhtml11.dtd">
  12. Looking around PdnLib (Or PaintDotNet.Core...), I found two nice little classes used mainly in the Colors form. CurrentPixel = src[x,y]; CurrentPx = CurrentPixel.ToColor(); HsvColor hsv = HsvColor.FromColor(CurrentPx); Px2 = hsv.ToColor(); Pixel2 = ColorBgra.FromColor(Px2); dst[x,y] = Pixel2; There's a demo of the functions you need, and they seem to work with the Effects API.
  13. This is just odd zoom resampling, and the grid is an effect of the brain's tendency to "complete" lines (an illusion, then.)
  14. ...you sometimes scream "Stop posting!!!" while pressing F5 on the forums.
  15. If it's a OoM, that's my plugin's fault. It's screwy like that, and I can't fix the bug with the Effects API... I dunno about the recolor tool; maybe you're not using it properly (tolerance bar = 0%?)
  16. Just wait till v3.07, kay? Then you'll be happier. Might even become the Buddha's twin brother, too. I dunno.
  17. usedHonda: Whenever I get one of those I end up hurting myself trying to destroy it (I've used fire, a vice, a hammer, bare hands, throwing, and once tried to spin it fast enough to tear it apart (a chunk was missing from it)). All I got was a few scars and 1 million pieces of burnt AOL disks.
  18. Tell your friend to forget everything he knows about css & html and relearn it, because guuuhhhh.
  19. Actually there was a doctype, the page was just so screwy only a human could find it. (Supposed to be at the top of the page anyway)
  20. foxtrot :Right: alpha (NATO phonetic alphabet)
  21. A connative synonym. fear :arrow: joy (y = vowel, btw)
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