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  1. Melikes Hephaestus' hairstlyle. For you, you gets 10/10 cause your username is the exact same format as mine, cept mine is random letters and 2^10.
  2. I might prefer stuffing the files byte-by-byte between randomly generated bytes, byte length based on md5-encoded password 8)
  3. Helio's, simply beause of simplicity. Stephan's was cool but confused me a bit, usedHonda's was also very pretty, but just didn't appeal to me in the usability department, and Frojo's was pretty simple, just cluttered in places.
  4. Oh my. There's the easy button. I usually can't find that.
  5. I'd personally prefer a . after it. But that's just me.
  6. Go for a few weeks and it all changes. So many more people I've seen have been adding to the filesize of my plug-ins folder, along with Madjik's constant coding and Boltbait's erm... uniqueness?... We now near 5000 users in membership. (That's 3500 more than when I joined--I simply can't believe the numbers.) Rick nuked a quarter of the site (no major harms, apparently. Just blind fumbling?) Oh, the blog moved (oh dearies, Armageddon has struck) Too many posts for me to read in one morning (So I won't. If someone asked me for something, a PM should do to....notify me) I may continue activity here, or it may be sparse dottings (something like camel droppings across the Sahara - very sparse, but high in quality) At the least, luck to all in Coding efforts and Artistic efforts. Oh yeah, and where's my 4.0?! P.S. Anything major else has changed? - Also, to those who care, For the Horde.
  7. Okay. This is simply enough to make me craw out of my hole. Wow. Yes, Wow. I can see so many potential uses for this from now till 4.0. Heh. I mean, honestly, you've made the neatest looking plugin I've seen (It may be neater if I knew more than three words of Japanese. But we'll hop onto that localization thing 8) )
  8. Here, have a tacky, ole-fashioned image of a sunset, will ya? Distortion effects.... yuck yet yum.
  9. 1. I am alive, and haven't gone to a hospital for minor coronary or the likes. 2. So, this thread can also contain little tidbits & comments that don't deserve their own thread.
  10. senatus popolusque romanus! [sPQR] nice one What really makes me laugh about such a name for a hockey team is the origin of the word: senator came from Latin senatus likely derived from senex, or "old man".
  11. Ouch. Well, it's fixed now. That was made only two weeks after BoltBait's rule implementation, but meh. No excuse. Inertia: Please reduce the size of your sig by 50%.
  12. 500x100 is the max, I usually start off with 1000x200 and resize by 50% later.
  13. pyrochild: It's actually a law in some countries.
  14. Rainshadow: avatars must be 100px wide or less Inertia: Mmm... 6/10 - Just not a green + skull kinda guy
  15. Spike 121: I will give you a hint from the Matrix: "There is no arm" What i mean by this is that the arm looks strange because of its surroundings.
  16. There may be a slight chance that one is corrupt in such a way that .NET loads it, but not properly enough to run a preview on it. Try deleting some of your newer fonts and try again.
  17. This plugin adds the ability for you to save and load in the HD file format. It does not change the app in any way apart from that.
  18. aatwo earlier: I have two monitors. When those get full, I throw the entire desktop into a folder. I have had 6 of those, so far.
  19. I can't stand this thing, really. Why'd you revive it? Forum competition? Grr... We have a 190-page pictorium. Is that not good enough for you?
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