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  1. hmmm......so, can anyone answer the question without me posting a picture?
  2. erm...unfortunetly not, how do people who post tuts and stuff put their pictures up?
  3. wait.......how can i post a picture onto a reply like this?
  4. I have a black skirt in a picture i'm doing and i want to change the color of the skirt, is there any way i can do that?
  5. You know, fairy dust like Tinkerbell sprinkles? is there a way i can make that?
  6. How do i paste pictures onto message boards, like, say, if i wanted to paste a picture onto this message?
  7. if someone just gives a long code for a plugin, how can i download it? sorry, i'm kinda new at this...
  8. that exactly what i want!!!!!!! is there a PDN tut for it?
  9. can anyone show me how to make the illusion that someone is sitting inside a bubble?
  10. it works almost completely but then white spots show up on the skin, looking very mottled.
  11. I want to know how to make it look like light is shining from one side of the picture. is that feasible?
  12. i want to add a sparkle to a cheek and i'm not sure how to do that. i've tried using noise and then a glow, but it just pixilates the skin and changes the colors dramtically. the effect i want is like a light shimmer, like a glittery makeup effect.
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