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  1. 8 hours ago, Pixey said:


    @LionsDragon It is what it is and you do not need to feel any guilt if you don't feel emotion over his passing.  This happened with my mother, with whom I had no closeness to during her life.  The only time I feel bad about it, it when it's Mother's Day and I just can't feel anything at all.  Just numb.  As I said, it is what it is.


    Love your new signature BTW :)


    Yeah, Father's Day has always been a, "..Huh?" for me. I celebrate it for my FIL now, but always need to be reminded.


    Thank you! :)


  2. 21 hours ago, welshblue said:

    @LionsDragon's OK to feel a glut of emotions/ thoughts even if they're bad; just the same as feeling grief ... and on the flip side it's OK not to feel anything at all. 

    I was vilified by my siblings for  feeling nothing at all when my father died.  Just a shrug of the shoulder.  Remember you're entitled to feel and think whatever you want.  Be it grief and sadness or total detachment.  Nobody can judge.  Feel what's right for you 


    Speaking personally I've found the hardest thing is there's no answers for past behaviour.  





    The one good thing I can say about my sister is that she's feeling about as much as I am, so no chance of being yelled at.


    And...that's it, really. I think you hit right on it. I will never know why he made the choices that he did.



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  3. 6 hours ago, Maximilian said:


    Thank you, Seerose <3 I've been trying to come back, but it's very difficult because I have many family problems. My mom had an accident some time ago and broke an arm. After 4 months in a plaster, the bone hasn't healed by itself, so she'll need surgery, and she's very afraid about it . My plate is full with this and other problems 😞

     Oh no!

  4. On 2/4/2019 at 6:57 AM, lynxster4 said:


    Interesting...I'll have to experiment some more with this.   We have a real 'Joann Fabric' going on here lately.  It's exciting!  :P





    Hey, leave my day job out of this! 🤣

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