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  1. 5 hours ago, Mr. Mage said:

    I'm not sure how to do that, I'm a noob with paintnet and PC in general, but I do want to inform you that this isn't text generated within paintnet, it's simply put, a png image, but it's just text in it


    The origin of the text shouldn't make a difference. When you open up the effect, you see all the sliders? Those will control the appearance of the final image. (I usually grab the top of the effect window with my mouse and move it to the side so I can see the canvas.) Try moving the sliders for X, Y, and steps factor to see  how it looks.


    And we've all been noobs at some point. How are you gonna learn if you don't ask? :)

  2. 54 minutes ago, Mr. Mage said:

    hey so I tried downloading this as this was mentioned in an answer to a mutual question someone had about the features of paint.net, I tried downloading this, and all worked fine until I tried to distort a text image, which disappears completely after attempting to distort it for it to be put on a garment at the right angle


    Hmm...my first thought, after tinkering with text a bit, is to double-check the steps factor in relation to the X/Y offsets. I accidentally lopped off the end of a letter!

  3. Well, I finally found my dead-tree copy of my favorite book (accidentally crammed it into storage when we moved). I have it on my tablet, but there's something about the smell of a book.... *happy sigh*


    Precious Bane by Mary Webb is the book in question. It's an unusual retelling of Cinderella, which happens to be my favorite fairy tale.

    It's also a good time of year to re-read Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christie, or Ellery Queen. If anyone can recommend more deductive-style mysteries like Conan Doyle or Queen, I would be forever grateful. I just can't handle all the melodrama in some of the modern authors. (Note: Bee Keeper's Apprentice series is a hard pass.)


    Still trying to read Brian May's doctoral thesis, and then I have some archaeological bits to catch up on.


    And yes, I'm re-reading my favorite cookbooks. :)


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  4. Okay, something cheerful now! I'm not sure about worldwide, but here in the US there's something called "Happy Heart Hunt" going on. People decorate their windows or porches with hearts, and it's kind of a Facebook scavenger hunt. I figured we could all use some happiness. :)  (A roomscape I kept to under 20 layers. Will wonders never cease?)



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  5. On 3/19/2020 at 10:44 AM, Vagabondi said:

    This is very sad. And scary. Just thinking of how you have to deal with it every day, every moment...


    I've been having eyesight issues since childhood (everything looked like Gaussian Blur at 50) but the surgery helped to some extent... What YOU feel is hard to imagine. And you still create through that.


    Let's hope that in 3-4 weeks the situation changes for the better... but nobody is sure of anything. Take care, girl.


    Gaussian Blur at 50??? Yikes! Glad the surgery was able to help!


    You as well!

  6. On 3/19/2020 at 8:07 AM, Pixey said:

    Gosh, that sounds awful and I hope they can help you.  I guess it's not like cataracts that can be removed.  You seem to be too young to have this :( 


    I too am wondering about a procedure I have to have done every three months for bladder cancer.  I guess we just have to take it a day at a time. So far the doctor's offices are running at normal rate and I'm sure their offices are as clean as a whistle at the moment.  Just best to avoid huge gatherings.


    Take care my dear smileys-katzen-430881.gif     


    No, although the pressure in that eye caused a cataract as well.  Lucky me, I get the aggressive form.


    My doctor ended up canceling my appointment. How did yours go?



  7. Right...so, I'm supposed to have my every-four-months eye checkup in mid-April. Goodness only knows if it will happen at this point; we may still be in lockdown! Here's the picture I will be showing my eye doctor whenever I see her next. Glaucoma is not fun.


    Right side is my visual field out of just my right eye. Left side, just my left eye. I do miss depth perception.



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  8. I've had two people at my day job go into self-isolation already, and another who is considering it...we're starting buy online/get curbside pickup for orders, just like the restaurants nearby.


    I work at a freaking JoAnn Fabrics. It's gonna be all I can do not to ask what dressing the customers want on their salad. (I just might with some of my regulars; they know how warped my sense of humor is already.) Todd's new job is building satellite components and computer mainframe hardware. I don't think the US government will *let* them shut down. *sigh*


    No visiting Todd's parents, our elderly aunts and uncles, or our immunocompromised niece for a while. Annnd that niece in a major hotspot and works with kids, no less. :( Everybody stay safe out there! Or indoors, preferably...ngl, everyone here has been on my "worry list."  @Pixey has the right idea. Let's all stay in and PDN!

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  9. @lynxster4 and @welshblue...








    Two of my favorite people and favorite artists, talk about a dream collaboration. And the result...ya got me breathing into a paper bag over here. It looks so REAL and gorgeous! Seriously, I had to click on the full-size version and zoom in to see everything.


    Every time I look I see more to squeal about. I don't even know where to start. I'm gonna try, though. First, @lynxster4, how did you get the "marbled" look in the glass? That's a Tiffany trademark, and you nailed it! @welshblue, the burnished look on the metal is breathtaking. I'm thinking it involves height map manipulation, am I right? Also, I would totally buy that wallpaper!


    I gotta add, though...the table reminds me of @Woodsy. He'd be impressed too.

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