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  1. 22 hours ago, welshblue said:


    2 days 5 hrs 32 minutes ...


    Although not sure which is safest - smoking or giving up.  I'm on Champix tablets and they give you really really weird dreams.

    Last night I was being attacked by a wolf with an axe ... and woke up when my wife battered me for biting her on the neck


    ... the swollen lip would make a cigarette uncomfortable today, so maybe the tablets do work ?



    Eeeek...good for you! However, be careful with that medication. It can mess you up severely.

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  2. ayuhNu1.png


    If someone says you can't do professional work in PDN, this here is my permission for you to point at them and laugh.  The wallpaper is PDN with a couple of stickers I found online. The photo frame is PDN. The mockup is constructed in PDN from stock images.


    I just started a Spoonflower shop (made entirely in PDN!), so I am putting together some ads.

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