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  1. No but you have one heck of a memory! (Still mad about the lack of decimal point.)
  2. Where's the decimal? Where's the decimal?!?
  3. @Rick Brewster, how is it that Paint.Net always seems like the best program out there BUT YOU KEEP MANAGING TO IMPROVE IT? 😊
  4. Okay @Pixey, do you think Bill Gates would let this be the new logo? His isn't shiny enough. ❤️
  5. @Joshua Lamusga, I am impressed! Now you have me wondering how to paint a ghost quartz.
  6. I second the motion! Also I need to try this tutorial now.
  7. Oh what the BLAZES? @welshblue, that's insane! Even---especially!--students deserve protection!
  8. Heilung are Pretty Darn Awesome, aren't they? Uriah Heep too.... More! ❤️
  9. I figured Proto--Germanic was sufficiently old-school. If not I can find some Proto-Indo-European, and probably Kemetic (ancient Egyptian) if I dig deep enough. But I really, really like Heilung so....
  10. Thank you! One of the only pictures of myself I have ever really liked.
  11. Well, since Todd--the birthday boy, @DragonsLion--is asleep, I just wanted to pop in and thank everyone for him. (Don't worry, he read quite a few of the posts.) He got new dress shoes, and tomorrow his folks are taking us out to dinner. No hot dogs involved for either of us. That was my only worry with our names being the way they are. My birthday isn't until December. ❤️