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  1. Many thanks yellowman Should step #8 be the last step after the emboss stage ? (that's what I did) Again I thank you
  2. That is almost like the real thing yellowman. How did you create that ?
  3. Thank you Barbieq. I will look into that tutorial. I am not using V4 as yet, so it should be worth a try. Again thank you
  4. I am trying to make a background that looks like polystyrene. I have looked at the textures section of the tutorials, but can't seem to find something that resembles it. Is there a plugin or method that I could try in order to get what I want. I know I could use google to search for a texture, but I would prefer to make my own. Something like the attatched image. Thank you in advance.
  5. Great tutorial Yellowman. Thank you. Well done on the pin too. Very good images from all here.
  6. That is totally amazing Red. Worthy of the Tate.
  7. Now that I look again, you are right. Well spotted doughty.
  8. Love it. Thanks TR. Great images posted Original
  9. You will find the File Types folder in Program Files / Paint.net on your HDD. Just drop all file type related files in that folder. Welcome to the forum too.
  10. With added Gridwarp and Klump noise - Thank you for the time in creating your plug ins.
  11. This still gives me goosebumps. This single version was remixed from the album "Debut" by UK dance trio Fluke.
  12. An interesting and varied set of entries. Well done for yellowman winning. Well done also for Helen / Pixey & Doughty. Of course all who took part deserves praise too. Very good hosting for Chimay too. Good fun.
  13. Well done for Pixey also for RockandRoll on first placing. CC4FuzzyHuggles on second placing and for Drew on 4th place. Fun competition, good topic. Thank you Daniels hosting.
  14. Original Image of Wine creation.
  15. Happy to see it working again. Thank you again TR & EER for the new tweaks.
  16. These are the only TR plugin's I have in the Distort sub menu Drum skin is not showing. Even though it is in my effects folder (downloaded again Today) Do you have the first version of this you could maybe upload again?
  17. Do you still have the first version of this ? The new version is no longer showing in V3.5.11.
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