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  1. @Pixey wow, that bird in SOTW #243 is stunning work.
  2. Hue/Saturation - Pixelate - Tile Reflection - Motion Blur - Gaussian Blur.
  3. I suffer at the hands and wrath of my wife daily 😂
  4. @Oceana That is so typical of braindead morons out there today, no matter what country, race or creed, we are all in this pandemic together, it staggers me too that in the 21st century we still have so much racism. I'm sure you can rise above it and treat those kind of people with the contempt they truly deserve.
  5. Absolutely. Sunrise in Oslo sound is an amazing sight that I never tire of.
  6. I spent 15 years in the French navy, then 5 years as a tugboat second mate on the Kiel canal, I'm now a cruise ferry captain on sailings from Germany to Norway.
  7. I had the Pfizer jab on wednesday, felt like the whole world was having a party on my limbs all day Thursday, aside from that everything feels ok with me. On the negative side, all of our country (France) goes back into full lockdown with curfews from midnight tonight.
  8. I can see why you are so very proud of her, She is an angel.
  9. Thanks @Pixey @ipswichmanc @nitenurse79 & @lynxster4 for your birthday greetings. Considering all that is going on, I had a good day.
  10. @Pixeymy daughters think your little festive characters are so cute, I have to agree with them, great work 😍
  11. 😂 Thanks @Ladybug a sharp knife is all that is needed to "cut and paste"
  12. Happy birthday @barbieq25 Have fun 🎂
  13. So when is this update available ? and from where do we get it ? Thanks.
  14. Not seen any additions, where exactly do the pallette's reside ?
  15. Many thanks @lynxster4 & @Woodsy for your greetings 😊
  16. Thanks @BoltBait & @null54 Will rep when granted them again 😊
  17. With added curves+ plugin and the vintage bleach preset. Merged x2 images of my own. Great plugin. 😊
  18. Woah, thanks all. More greetings here than off the family. 🍺
  19. I wouldn't even say there is 100 active members, 25 would be more accurate. I admit I didn't vote this year, but I have hardly been very active on here and have missed a lot that has gone on here.
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