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  1. Much fun. Thank you TR. for the effect on the lower image - I ran drum skin, then trial and then drum skin one more time. Nice example images from DrewDale, Seerose and Lloyd also.
  2. I also like how much variation you have here ' nesting' is very good 'destination has an amazing texture to it and the ones in the 'oldies' section are very good too. Interesting and inspiring work Doughty.
  3. What is meant is - add a 1px darker outline on your original image (around your final size) You could perhaps then use windows print feature to create a sheet of business cards. then cut around the cards when printed just 'inside' the outline. I hope that is making sense. Edit- not sure if windows prints a series of cards now. Maybe copy / paste to office or same kind of application ?
  4. Well done for Rocky and all other placers. Fun to enter and nice hosting for Chimay. I edited to add the correct host name.
  5. Well done for Vexes, Welshblue, Rocky & Pixey. Fun to enter and nice hosting for Daniels.
  6. New features are great, good fun to play around with. I came up with this. I ran cobweb (RedOchre) and then your star filter, blend modes and layer duplication. Nice images from all.
  7. Nice picture examples from TR and RedOchre. I (like Drew and Helen) can't run this plug in. It's not showing up in my menu either.
  8. Well done for Welshblue and Helen first places. My fellow runner up too. Also thanks for Daniels hosting and all who joined in. A good variation on the theme.
  9. Congratulations for Welshblue, well done also for dug & Barbieq. Well done also for all who took part. Thanks for Chimay's hosting again.
  10. There is that feature already, find it in the drop down tab when you select your line tool.
  11. Well done for Barbieq25 and for yellowman, I never expected to win with such strong other entries. Well done for all who took part too. Thank you for Daniels hosting.
  12. Well done for Skullbonz / Helen / yellowman and for all the placers. An interesting theme and fun to take part in. Thank you for Chimay on hosting.
  13. Having just played around for a few minutes, I do like the option to edit a previous spline, also the rotation / move / reshape and all the new goodies are an added bonus. I could not break it, so I can only report that this is one powerful tool. Nicely made TR
  14. Although we don't in France. I would like to wish a happy Thanksgiving to those that celebrate the day.
  15. A very useful addition to my toolbox TR. Thank you for the share.
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