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  1. @LionsDragon Take care. If you don't have a dashcam, then get it now. It's really useful
  2. Installing it now. When is the stable version being released?
  3. Exams are over (for now). Still working on the car, for now, I think this image will do for it. Sorry, it's not related to the actual picture I am working on. 15 min is all it takes to manipulate an image like this.
  4. Yeah, I am going to add different rims on it, one which suits this supra.
  5. Quick update : I know I haven't been active for the past few days and that's because I have been busy studying for exams. Don't think I have given up on editing the pic, I do edit for about 30 minutes per day. Won't be posting any images until I my exams get over.
  6. Are they both drag builds? Just guessed as they have those fat tires and the engine on that first mustang, well, that engine looks really good. What engine is that, I know for sure its twin charged or atleast supercharged. Can you share images of the engine as well (if you have)
  7. If properly tuned, Honda cars are a beast, but people choose to rice them out instead of spending the money on upgrades. You can pick up a turbocharger for 200$ instead of spending it on stickers, new speakers, rims, widebody kits, etc. The lan Evo is one of my favorite Japanese sport/rally cars. The evo VIII, in my opinion, was the best 4wd cars compared to its newer and older models. It's sad to see the lancer series come to an end I hope they are discontinuing the lancer to release something more powerful, which can compete with the godzilla
  8. Thanks to @welshblue and @Pixey! I used the plugins and method you both suggested and now the part looks like it was on the body from before, well not actually like it was an original part, but it looks way better than what I tried yesterday!
  9. Starting this topic for all Japanese sports car lovers. I won't mind if you post about any other cars too. Post the pictures of the most tuned Japanese cars and the most riced cars! Can you even guess which car it is? The scissor doors and the gas scoop crack me up everytime And here's a tuner, a lancer Evo VIII
  10. F1 Challenge 99'-02', rfactor, Assetto Corsa
  11. LOL, that would be funny as hell To he honest, I myself am looking forward to finishing the supra sooner. I will keep uploading images everytime there's a major change. Thanks a lot for your support!
  12. Yeah I have downloaded the plugin. Will try it later Yes I have seen the supra. God darn, Toyota loves to tease its loyal fans I think the headlights and taillights are used from the FT-1, maybe? I shouldn't have used the parts from Nissan's number 1 car right now I didn't know there was a rivalry between Toyota and Nissan fans, they both make good cars. I have heard that the new supra is being developed with BMW, is that true? I hope they improve the JZ engine and use it for the new supra too. If not, atleast an engine which can be heavily tuned like the JZ. Thanks for the suggestion and your kind words!
  13. That logo is not actually my creation A friend of mine who lived in that resort for a few days loved it and recorded a few videos of him going through the resort. He wanted to upload the video and didn't have a good thumbnail, so based on his choice, I added the logo and made changes to it Thanks for the suggestion and your kind words
  14. Started adding bodykit to the supra, I traced the lines on the Nissan GT-R Liberty bodykit and added it to the supra. I am working only on the rear-end right now. I want to ask a question, instead of tracing the lines of the bodykit from another image, is there a tool which I can use to just cut&paste the parts and then manipulate them? Here's the image: Edit : can anyone help me? I don't want to trace the parts of one image and then copying, pasting and editing it. Is there a tool or plugin to just cut the part I want and then pasting and editing it? For some reason I can't figure out how to use the lasso tool. So, any alternatives?
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