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  1. Great tanks! I love the details and you are a marvel at shading.
  2. Great works! Thanks for sharing.
  3. Nice work! It's a great scene!
  4. Your stained glass is wonderful, and the texture is so rich!
  5. For some strange reason, your life on a green planet made me think of chocolate bar wrappers. Hmmm. Now I want candy. (p.s. Good job!)
  6. Like the others said, excellent work, @LionsDragon! David Bowie is impressive, especially for a first attempt.
  7. It's adorable @Pixey. And I must say, I am a fan of squirrels...
  8. Happy Birthday!!
  9. It looks great, @Woodsy! It'd make a wonderful cut scene for a video game. I could just see it panning out to two gunmen standing in the middle of the road.
  10. Great subs, @BlastWave! I love the detail.
  11. Those are pretty, @Pixey! I love the vibrant colors!
  12. @BlastWave, you never cease to amaze me with your work. Excellent contributions!
  13. Very nice tutorial executions! Good job, Seerose!
  14. Nice dragon kitty! Mckenna is cute. I like the version where you extended the paws and added shading. I think it add depth. Good job!
  15. @Beta0 - Thanks for all the helpful information. It was indeed a motion blur on MaTisha's hair. I've never been sure how to accomplish what I want with her hair. It's supposed to be silver blue where sometimes, depending on the light, it shines silver, and other times it looks all blue. I tried to do the brushed metal look, but it didn't quite come across right. And you got it right with Jebaliah. She's got a pan. I will see if I can apply the metal shading suggestions to my next project, as the character wears a lot of armor (though it isn't metal). I've seen a few of LauraHollingsworth/Lostie's tutorials while perusing Pintrest, and have pinned them to my reference boards. Your link gives me a few more. Thank you.