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  1. As I went hunting through my files for a parchment background I'd created long ago, I came across some old paint.NET images I'd made way back when (2012). They still make me smile, so I figured I'd add them to my gallery.
  2. Nice animation. It's fun!
  3. Amazing work! I love the amount of detail.
  4. Thank you, everyone. I'm glad you guys found this useful! I'd love to see what works you create with the technique. @LionsDragon - Thank you. I tend to agree about her adorableness. We were having fun playing dress-up and doing a photo shoot, so I could practice taking pictures.
  5. A few fellow forum members suggested I make a tutorial after giving shading tips on a different thread. No plug-ins needed. This will work on colored images as well to accent the highlights and shadows, but I tend to play with it the most on my sketches. First, start with your base image. Add a new layer for shadows and set the Blending Mode to Color Burn Add another layer for highlights and set the Blending Mode to Color Dodge Using a dark gray on the Dodge layer, color where you want highlights. The lighter the color, the brighter the highlight. If it looks too bright, try a darker color. Black will probably not show up at all. I like to lower the hardness of the brush to get a softer edge to help with blending later. If you want distinct highlights, you can try a harder brush. Using a light gray on the Burn layer, color where you want shadows. The darker the color, the deeper the shadows. Use Gaussian Blur to smooth out the shadows. Play with the slider to see what works best for your image. Do the same to the highlights. Using the eraser tool, clean up the edges of the highlights and shadows so they don't creep beyond the borders of your image. If you find a section that needs a bit more adjustment, you can color where needed, use the selection tool to choose just that area, and then blur again to smooth it out. Another option is to reduce the hardness of your brush and adjust the opacity to make it slightly transparent, if you want just a subtle change. And then, you're done! You can adjust the opacity of the Dodge and Burn layers if the highlights and shadows are too bright/dark. This same technique on a colored photo (done quickly for this tutorial, not because my daughter needed any dramatization to her face):
  6. Use the Line/Curve tool and hold down the SHIFT key while you drag.
  7. @LionsDragon @Maximilian - I think I will make a tutorial. My first!
  8. @Humility - Another trick, which does take some trial and error and a bit of patience, is to use dodge and burn. I like to draw on paper, take photos of the pictures (since I don't have a nifty scanner), and then play with depth using dodge and burn. Once you understand the direction of light, you can try these methods to see if you like the results. First you have your base image. Add a Burn layer Add a Dodge layer Choose dark gray to add highlights to the Dodge layer (the lighter the color, the brighter the highlight) and a lighter gray to add shadows to the Burn layer (the darker the color, the darker the shadow) Use Gaussian blur to smooth out the edges (play with the levels to see what works best for your image) Then erase around the edge of your base image to clean up shadows and highlights that extend beyond it Play with the Opacity slider on the dodge and burn layers to adjust if they are too bright/dark. Unfortunately, I have no talent for drawing background for my people, so I have no advice there. But since these past few posts were about shading, I figured I'd chime in.
  9. @Pixey - Thanks! I'm a lurker by nature, silently learning and observing. I was actually poking around these forums since before then, but I had to register to ask a question. It wasn't until recently that I coaxed myself to take the plunge, post my pieces that all of you helped me create through tutorials and examples, and start interacting with other people.
  10. Thank you @Red ochre. I used your facet plug-in for the crystal spikes in one of my versions of Sovereign. Unfortunately, it didn't pass the husband test.
  11. Thank you all for the kind feedback. My husband is still not fully in love with Sovereign (when viewing the cover alongside the others in series), so it looks like I've got more edits to try with that one.
  12. You're starting out better than I did. I couldn't even get the sides of my hearts to be even, plus your lightning bolt follows a logical path, instead of curving off at some weird angle. So yeah, keep at it, because you've got a pretty good start!
  13. Happy Easter (a day late)! I like the speckled look you've got going on.
  14. Very pretty works. I like the use of color and glow you've got going on. The result is great!
  15. Ooooh, creepy spider. You did a great job, and I particularly like the way you can see the individual hairs, even though spiders themselves creep me out.