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  1. BlastWave's Gallery - Favelas

    Thank you everyone! --- Here's a new scene. I wanted to do some experimenting with foliage and weathering, and for awhile now do something related to Brazil and Rio de Janeiro, so I present a scene fittingly entitled "Favelas"!
  2. That is a beautiful Christmas card, @LionsDragon! Great job.
  3. BlastWave's Gallery - Favelas

    Thank you Pixey! Since you liked the VW, here it is separate from the scene so you can see it in its full glory. Thanks Andrew! It'd be probably be a bit over-powered and would get nerfed after a week in the game. Thank you LionsDragon! Thank you Seerose! I'm glad you like it. In this universe, they certainly do! And thank you! Wow, thanks Ego Eram Reputo and @Josh L for the suggestion! I really appreciate it. Here's today's scene. After watching a documentary on submarines, I thought it would be fun to make a scene of a submersible, after a few hours I came up with this:
  4. BlastWave's Gallery - Favelas

    Thanks everyone! Here's today's scene, inspired by various images of the British army's Berlin Infantry Brigade during the Cold War and the Berlin wall. Their tanks had an unusual urban camouflage pattern which I tried my best to recreate.
  5. BlastWave's Gallery - Favelas

    Thank you all very much! Here is today's scene. More experimenting with 3D drawings and sci-fi aircraft design.
  6. BlastWave's Gallery - Favelas

    Seeing as how October begins tomorrow, I decided I wanted to do some scenes inspired by the 1917 Russian October Revolution after looking at some old paintings of the Russian Winter Palace. These are very quickly done, but I hope they still have the same quality as my previous scenes!
  7. BlastWave's Gallery - Favelas

    @LionsDragon Thanks! I am not in the military nor have served in it, but I spend a significant amount of time studying various photographs of military vehicles when designing these to make them as detailed as possible. @TrevorOutlaw Thank you for your kind words. Here's a scene I call "Hold The Line" where two heavy combat hardsuits of the 9th Mobile Guard Corps fight off some invading martian forces on the surface of Mars in the middle of the night. Here's one of the suits separate from the scene, alongside a space infantryman for scale.
  8. BlastWave's Gallery - Favelas

    Thanks guys! Here's another scene, fresh out of the oven. I call this one "Heavy Armor". Three A/LFV-91 legged infantry fighting vehicles move through thick fog in a forest located somewhere in the South Korean countryside.
  9. BlastWave's Gallery - Favelas

    "It's going to be a long trip, gentlemen. I hope you've got plenty of rest, rations, and water, because we're gonna have to march all the way through and out of the Malibar front without stopping."
  10. BlastWave's Gallery - Favelas

    Thank you everyone! Here are two fighter jet profiles I made a few weeks back, I think I'm going to do a few more of these soon.
  11. BlastWave's Gallery - Favelas

    Thank you! They do look a bit like sharks, now that I look at them. --- Here's a new scene. A Russian cosmonaut and his pet drone standby for a rescue helicopter next to his Vostok space capsule after a rough landing somewhere in Kazakhstan.
  12. BlastWave's Gallery - Favelas

    Thank you @LionsDragon @barbieq25 and @Seerose ! @AndrewDavid I think you'll find your red squadron of F-20 Tigersharks will be stopped by my specialized airborne railgun and naval fighter wing before they can take out my tanks.
  13. BlastWave's Gallery - Favelas

    Thank you everyone! @LionsDragon The "cow-catcher" at the front of the tank is what Eli said it is. It is a mine-plow which is used to push forward dirt and clear mines in front of it, preventing said mines from rolling underneath the treads and detonating. Here is an image of the real life M1A1 "Abrams" Main Battle Tank equipped with a mine plow mounted to it's front. There is also "mine rollers" which do effectively the same thing. I'm back after some time! Here's some of my new work. I've been experimenting with perspective and a few other new effects and tricks. Space warships in transit. And finally, here is a little bonus. A DeLorean DMC-12.
  14. BlastWave's Gallery - Favelas

    Thank you everyone! @AndrewDavid Looks like we're gonna have to take this fight to land!
  15. BlastWave's Gallery - Favelas

    Two more submarines. This one is as large as the American Ohio class SSBN which is 170m in length.