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Eraser Tool (damero)

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what about a new layer behind the main one fill it with white and the on the main erase and re-write?

Can you explain in detail ?

Okay. So:

  • 1st you open your file and there you have only one layer on the layer's window
    2nd now you create a new one and move it down
    3rd you fill it with the background color (your's white)
    4th you go back to the original layer and erase what you need to erase
    5th you write on the area that you erased what ever that needs to be re written

got it? or do you still have doubts?

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  • 10 months later...

.... and the final step would be to merge the two layers together. But, if you wish to keep this two layer setup (so you can re-edit the image), do not merge the layers together instead just save as a *.pdn (this native format preserves the layer structure).

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WOW. Necropost? I think so. It's been almost a YEAR.


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