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  1. I am simply lost. Obviously because I don't know how to follow the instructions. http://imagizer.imageshack.com/img922/4008/6aCQIi.png I don't understand : Apply a Linear Gradient to the selection with different shades of grey as Primary and Secondary colors. How can I put my interface in english for paint.net ?
  2. Running to try. I will comment the results. Best regards
  3. Yessssss yes yes ! How can i do that step by step. I use paint.net from time to time... Best Regards
  4. Seems to me a good idea. But not over the sidewalk.
  5. Yes a ramp. but not over the sidewalk , only in the step.
  6. I would like to make a slide in the photo before the door towards inside the local. How can i do that ? Best Regards http://imagizer.imageshack.com/img923/1699/hvgXWa.png a slide is something similar to this. http://imagizer.imageshack.com/img922/2796/YLjQh9.png
  7. Sure paint.net is not a dedicated program for the purpose to take measures in a photo when know one or more in the same photograph . How can I do this with paint.net ? Any addon ? Best Regards P.d. A good tutorial for paint.net photogrammetry or simple measures between points in the photo ?
  8. Sorry my language. That is not my target... I want alternative methods to put publicity and be seen.
  9. I'll try to explain my very best. Excuse my english. In my country is usual to use a community mail box outside the building where the publiciters put reviews, flyers, diptic, triptic and all formats or sizes of paper publicity. The most common format is DIN A4. a visit card, a flyer usually falls inside the box and is not easily seen. So I am thinking about the possibility to use a cheap but visible method to be seen.... a) a piece of paper larger than the A4 size .... b) a visit card fixed by the outside of the box mail... c) a magnet with the publicity like those used in the refrigerator, just because mostly all mail boxes are metal ones... d) any other idea ? Best Regards
  10. Thanks. My problem is I use paint.net eventually and don't remember how to activate the tool layers. Reading your answers I try to activate from the right upper icons and finally i see..... Best Regards
  11. I have a pdn file to edit. I would like to change the reading Ing.Tf to IT I don't know how to cover the original letters with white to see the letters deleted or how to draw a white rectangle covering those letters. I have try without good results. My version is recently last updated. The file in my google drive : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1FGy4EYEplZYDv8xgvfCJaUvneucBnxrX/view?usp=sharing
  12. I go to the copy shop. Probably not to the margin. Do you have a template ?
  13. I would a template divided in four parts . Din A4 divided in four parts. 1 | 2 | ------------- 3 | 4 | And when printed margin obtain margin zero. Print all the size of the din a4. that's my idea how can I obtain the adequate canvas for this target ? Best Regards
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