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  1. I know this is a somewhat old topic, but I think we should do science.
  2. Here's mine: Original: Mine: Stocks used: I used the antique photo tutorial. It's pretty effective.
  3. Great sig! I'll try this soon and post my results.
  4. It's not much, but here's mine. Home Page: Menu Screen: Stocks (the name of the image/icon is in the URL so I'm sure you can figure out which image goes with which stock. ) -http://s3.gadgetreview.com.s3.amazonaws.com/iPhone_Signal_Strength.gif --http://icons-search.com/img/vistaicons/quiet_icons_pack.zip/PNG-Hardware-BlueTooth.png-256x256.png ---http://i255.photobucket.com/albums/hh147/leo10123/animated_music_bars-2.gif ----http://www.comet.co.uk/comet/ev2/content/features/ipod/images/battery_icon.jpg The last one (the menu icons) I dont remember the url that much, but I know that they were similar to this: http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/15756717
  5. I think this should definately be stickied (unless it is already :? This guide gave me great tips!
  6. Here's mine, I did it red because thats my favorite color. 8)
  7. I posted this in the abstract image umbrella but someone told me to post it here so here it is: Carpet!
  8. Okay, I'll post it there and see what they think.
  9. Thanks pyrochild I found the problem. That looks cool!
  10. Great, simple tut. I love these kind of effects, thanks.
  11. Nice Code_Ember! I am working on a new project, and it's going really well, better than I expected. The border is the only thing that's tricky. I'll only tell you guys what it is until it's almost done, which should be in a few days. Well I pretty much finished it, but I'll need to clean it up a bit more, change the border, other than that, I'm pretty proud of myself. Original: Mine (created in 1 hour): CC please! (I know the border is bad, I'm making a second chevy logo trying different methods and seeing if it turns out better) and I know the colors are a bit off.
  12. That's weird, I can see it. :? EDIT: I edited my post before this one with my sig in an attachment. :wink:
  13. That looks great, Code Ember. I believe that's WoW, I play it.
  14. 8/10, great looking, but I see joker sigs everwhere xD
  15. When I use Gradient Bars, it looks fine, but then when I add the new layer and add in the gradient, set the layer properties to color burn, they dont shrink towards the middle, they look like this:
  16. Carpet! Hidden Content: Gradient>Tile Reflection>Stitch>Relief>Frosted Glass>Noise>Crystallize>Unfocus>Clouds>Color Tint
  17. This is a great tutorial, it looks a lot like the "Easy Button" from Staples
  18. I actually really like it. It is big, though.
  19. Do you guys think if I make a tutorial on the image I just posted it would get locked?
  20. This was fun to make, it was for someone else. Do think I should make a tutorial? Because I'm dieing to make a tutorial lol Looks good, but it's kinda hard to read.
  21. First, I draw a few lines (I used black and red since it would be easy to see. Then I use smudge..obviously to smudge it. xD Average blur (plugin) Give it a quick jitter. Add a new layer and run clouds. Then set the opacity to that layer 169 and the blend mode Additive. Give it a motion blur. Now I smudge it again to my liking. Now I add the final touches. I soften it abit, and maybe edit the brightness and contrast. So I turned this: into this: I know that was long but thats my own way of smudging.
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