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why doesn't the resize do so?

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When I take an 1600 x 2500 pixel image at 300ppi and resize it to 600 X 800, shouldn't the image get smaller?


Then why when I try to put it on a larger background, is it still larger than the background?


Obviously, I'm doing something wrong. Actually trying to superimpose the smaller on the larger won't even work. I cannot get the smaller on to copy and then when I think I have, it shows a transparent background rather than the colored background I thought I'd pasted it on!


Here's what I get for the two differing sizes--the first supposedly being the larger, the second the smaller.


The properties say they're different, but they *look* the same in trying to work with them.


Help, please!





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Hi Renee!

Look for the size control - I believe it is now in the bottom R.H.S in Pdn - probably a box that saying  "window". 'Window' means it fits any size image to fit on the screen. If you click there you should see some choices or a slider - try setting it to 100%, to get feel for how big the images really are. ;)


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You're confusing the resize with the view size.  View size changes how large the image appears on the screen.  Resize changes the pixel dimensions.

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If your view size, aka, zoom, is the issue, go up to Menu Bar > View > and click on "Zoom to Window" or "Actual Size", or find your zoom controls and use those, or just use the zoom tool :ZoomTool: to zoom in or out.

You can see paint.net's 3.5.4 UI here : http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/MainWindow.html


If you need help with re-sizing, perhaps the documentation can help? http://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/ImageMenu.html


If you have DPI issues, perhaps this thread can help you understand things : http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/17049-dpi-and-you-understanding-resolution-for-print-and-web/

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Thanks but I still only have the earlier--much earlier version. And the resize says it is, but it sure doesn't act like it!


Then you need to update. Otherwise I will have to close this thread, because we only support the latest version (see the rules please).


Resize is working fine -- you are probably just zoomed out ("fit to window" is the default).

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One last question before I leave--is there anyone willing to let me PM them about something else I did that just won't let me correct it. A faint line is all I'll say and that shouldn't violate any rules on here.


I guess I can PM anything the recipient will accept, right?



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