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  1. Followed your instructions. What came up on the image was a square with handles (and move pixels tool highlighted) and the star in the center. Fine so far BUT when I tried to move the star into position--The box moved but not the star. I think it's my computer.
  2. I thank you. Pixey, I tried to get Sarkuts gold whatever at the bottom of his tut, but the click took me to pdnfans. And I tried to log in with my pdn id and of course couldn't. But my question is, do you think I could use it to make the letters gold? I want to explain again: I'm working on two covers here--one the diamond sunburst [that the star is for], the other gold letters to put on the spine of the codex cover that you helped me with by cleaning up and pasting the center jewel. I'm sure you remember. But I'm having a foul time doing either. The jeweled sunburst image is too blurr
  3. MJW--I'm ready to give up--which I guess most people on here are glad to hear as few other than you and Pixey have tried to help. Pixey, I suppose by upload the star, you mean to go to open file? If so, it goes to background, so that can't be what you mean. And as for copy and paste I guess I could again use MS Paint to copy from. Other than that, I'm lost. The image is too blurry anyway and there is an automatic way to partially de-blur it online, I ran it once and the center stone looks some better. Maybe I should just run the copies that are somewhat better through again and again and w
  4. I guess I misspoke. My new computer has fonts--just not "my" fonts that I'd uploaded. Dafont is a great site for free fonts and luckily for me, I had the fonts in my download folder. But the right font is important, but the GOLD is more so. Thanks for all your replies. There is something awry with my computer and my son is coming to look at it and fix it. Hopefully it will also fix the problem with my copy/paste! Please someone who know how to do gold font--is pdnoob still around??--give me an unexpected Mom's Day present...
  5. As I'm sure I'm proving, I'm really at a loss on this stuff. My image size doesn't say large, but then also it depends on the font I guess. I thought I'd put the title on the spine and did a few tries. Thing is when you upload to Kindle it's usually 1600X2500 for the cover and they size it correctly for them. I've been trying to use 600X800 and then dragging it larger if I think it looks better. This is the first time enlarging it caused it to get so blurry. Computer or me? I wonder about this new computer anyway--it isn't saving as it should. Luckily I can find what I want on the search o
  6. MJW, I want to say that I accomplished the copy/paste by going to MS Paint [!] for the image of the diamond in order to get it to paste into pdn! Weird, but it worked and I don't care how or why. Also is there an easy way to get the picture to be less blurry, sharper? I saw something on YouTube about an unsharpen mask but at the end of it, he said you had to reduce the image size. Great when why did I increase it if I would now have to reduce it?? About the gold text, I think probably 144 for the font, but it would depend. So anywhere from 108 to whatever follows 144--190 something I t
  7. FINALLY!! Figured it out, but I know it's kinda pixelated. I wanted the large size but I maybe should have used move pixels instead of resize. I'll work on it; and now--if anyone can help me find a way to do gold text...
  8. I am a she. And my present computer is only a week old--for me--today. The one I had fixed, wasn't and it finally crashed. So the memory allocation should be fine. And I'm still waiting for help. If it is possible to help me.
  9. Thank you, MJW. It appears I have enough for 28 K! I have "total paging file size for all drives: 5982 MB." [My computer has 500GB HDD.] And it indicates that that's virtual memory or RAM. So what am I doing wrong?? You just popped up, Rick. And I'm not about to fool with settings without asking my son first! So what again, I ask, have I done wrong???
  10. It worked, it worked! Thank you, Scott.
  11. The image is either 24.8 Kb or 28 depending on its location--so said its properties. I'm using Windows 7; and I haven't had any occasion to try the other sites you mentioned. Also while I have one problem--I thought I had directions for gold letters but in the crash I guess I lost them. Had not backed them up as I didn't several of my better fonts. But those I can just go find and download again--except for the gold letters. Know where I might find help there. The tutorial on here won't work for me. Is there such a thing as a simple way to do it? I'm going to try what Scott suggested a
  12. Thank you, MJW. I first open pdn and go to recent files and click on the sunburst, which loads onto the canvas. Then I tried the same thing with the diamond and it too loaded separately on the canvas. So then I went to open file and got the diamond and right clicked copy, then went to the pdn and tried to paste, but it said my file was too big for the clipboard. And several times I tried different pastes--both to another layer as well at just plain paste. Nada. Thing is, I'd really thought I was getting the hang of it before all the horror with my last computer started. I made
  13. Sure if I knew where to find layers--import from file. also I started a new thread--and no one came. Think I'll forget about this. I could've written two chapters in the time it's cost me. AT least for the gold I found something Noah sent me years ago and I'll try it.
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