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Placing an ellipse with the circle / ellipse drawing tool...

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I'm making a logo for someone by hand-drawing a font I made up.  But because I was having trouble drawing a perfect letter 'O', I'm using the "Circle/Ellipse" tool to do it.  I drew an 'O' with that tool that's almost the right size... and I wanna draw another one just a little shorter... but I can't figure out how to place the completed new shape directly over the old one.

I don't know where to start the action with the tool!  The completed shape always ends up in the wrong place.

Can anyone tell me how to get my finished shape to complete just where I want it to?

(Re-sizing the shape won't work because that changes the thickness of the line I used for the letter 'O'.)



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I'd use two layers. The lower one for the large circle, and the upper one for the smaller circle.

Use the Align Object plugin to centre both on the canvas. Activate the Move tool and perform a by-pixel realignment using the keyboard arrow keys. Then merge top layer down.

Now you can move your O anywhere by moving the entire layer.

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You could try using 'squirkle' - I changed the default shape to circle/ellipse a long while back. The anitaliasing my not quite as good as the pdn tool - but it's not bad.


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