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paint.net 4.0 alpha build 5034

Rick Brewster

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That's not what I said :)


Paint.NET v3.5 uses both DirectWrite and GDI for rendering fonts in the Text tool. GDI is used for certain types of fonts that DirectWrite doesn't support, namely bitmap fonts like Terminal. This worked because of an abstraction layer that was necessary for supporting GDI by itself on pre-Win7 OS. That abstraction layer, however, was a monumentally terrible thing that was preventing all sorts of sanity.


paint.net 4.0 only uses DirectWrite.

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Very weird issues with the paint tool:


  1. Open Paint.Net
  2. Move Mouse



Also, by print screening the above and pressing Shift+Ctrl+V, this happened:




Also, after zooming in and using the Pencil tool the whole canvas seems to draw a different zoom level for a split second then reverts to the correct zoom then repeats.



[EDIT] Disabling hardware acceleration fixed the issue, not sure why though! Let me know if there's anything I can do to help you debug this! [/EDIT]

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Hmm, I haven't seen that. To help me fix this, please provide "dummy proof" step-by-step instructions starting with "launch paint.net". That will help tremendously!


I think what he's referring to is the magic wand's transparency behavior. Default transparency is treated as a shade of black, and remains indistinguishable even at the lowest tolerance level. It's been throwing me off a lot lately.


A few other things I've noticed:

  • I can't move a selection with the arrow keys unless I use the mouse to move it first.
  • I agree with what's been said about the rotation feature being somewhat counter-intuitive (I often end up unintentionally rotating a selection because the cursor wasn't in the right position). I've grown fond of the way previous versions handled it: drag anywhere you want to move, and right-click to rotate. Any chance that could be an option again?
  • Changing the primary color will affect actions I haven't yet committed to (text, drawing shapes) in all opened images, not just the one I'm currently editing. Not sure if this is intended behavior, but at least to me it wasn't what I was expecting.

I'm aware everything but the last one has been reported before - I'm just confiming those, I guess. :roll:

Once these are fixed/adjusted, I'll be just as happy with 4.0 as I've been with 3.5. Thanks for all the work you're doing!

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To everyone having problems with transparency and magic wand/paint bucket, here's what I've been doing to get around it:

-Add a new layer and move it underneath the layer with the problem

-Fill the layer with a completely transparent color that you don't use (bright red seems to work often for me)

-Merge the layers

You should be able to test the transparent pixels with the color picker and see that all the transparency is no longer transparent black/white and your magic wand should work great.

No, Paint.NET is not spyware...but, installing it is an IQ test. ~BoltBait

Blend modes are like the filling in your sandwich. It's the filling that can change your experience of the sandwich. ~Ego Eram Reputo

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When Rick has finished the current development cycle. As more users interact with the software, more work is generated by way of bugs & feedback. It's therefore hard to establish an exact release date.

Don't worry - it's getting closer, as this Alpha release indicates.

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Minor bug with the installer: I enabled the option in the installer to update to beta versions, but when I got into Paint.NET itself, I saw that the option was disabled.


I noticed that too. See topic #12 (http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/27227-paintnet-40-alpha-build-5034/#entry398549).

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  Hi, thanks Rick for your great job!! I haven't read all the info about the v4.0, but if you need some help translating to spanish, I'll be very happy to give you a hand... just tell me how and when :-)  should be nice to have spanish as language when finally you get v4.0 out.


  if you have a text file with the messages, send it to my account's email ... and include the basic guidelines to have the translated text fit your needs.


  Jean H//

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Hello and thank you for Paint.NET. I get why you are using DirectWrite, but I still don't think that's the best approach to render fonts in paintings. The fonts look blurry and different than when rendered with Win32 (even with ClearType turned on). WPF was only using DirectWrite until .net 4.0 and when Microsoft released the beta of visual studio 2010 people got highly abused because of the blurred fonts on screen. So Microsoft introduced the "Display" font rendering option in WPF which mimics the windows ClearType font rendering pixel by pixel. Still, I think they didn't fix DirectWrite to support this mode. Scott Hanselman even mentions you in his article regarding WPF text rendering: http://www.hanselman.com/blog/WPFAndTextBlurrinessNowWithCompleteClarity.aspx


Here's a screenshot comparing Paint.Net and Paint in Windows 8.1 


1. Paint.net

2. Paint

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ASH had a way of keeping both versions when a Beta was released but I can't for the life of me remember how he said to do it.  Any enlightenment gratefully received.


You need to install 3.5.11 then make a copy of the installation folder before reinstalling 4.0.  Here's how:


1. Install 3.5.11


2. Navigate to C:\Program Files\Paint.NET  


3. Copy the folder using Ctrl+C (or right click + Copy) and paste using Ctrl+V (or right click + Paste).  The pasted version of the folder will have "copy" appended to the name (or similar).


4. Right click on the copy and rename it to "Paint.NET 3.5.11".


5. Install 4.0 which will overwrite the original installation folder, leaving Paint.NET 3.5.11 in situ.

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There seems to be a bug where the [ ] keys do not increase or decrease the brush size. Ctrl+ clicking the + and - buttons on the brush size does do this however.


Also it seems that the new way of registering brush movements is really inconvenient for brushing all the way up to an exact point. If I want the brush to reach into a particular area I now need to overcompensate the motion a little, which is a little frustrating.

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