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  1. Didn't knew it was a known issue! Thanks for the quick response ^^
  2. This is a problem that really bugs me, anytime I use a plugin effect, it just sets the color with transparency. I know this looks like a plugin issue, but it occurs me with every single one. As you can see here, my primary color it is setted to be 000000 with alpha at 255 But in here, it isn't at 255. Clicking the reset button, doesn't do the trick. Is there any known solution for this issue?
  3. Oh... Thank you! I just realized it!
  4. The zoom bar... where is it? D:
  5. Hi, sorry if it says in another place but I didnĀ“t see it, when is the realease date? or probably?
  6. I love this tut! I changed a little bit the steps & I get this: I think is good ^^
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