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  1. It sets the primary color which I paint with using the left mouse button, not the secondary color which I paint with using the right mouse button - that seems a bit weird to me!
  2. This would be a really cool feature - if I set the paintbrush to have a hardness of 100% or whatever, I'd like that to be remembered when I quit and come back. Thanks for making this awesome software btw! :D
  3. When I use the polygon tool to draw a hexagon in 4.0.3, and I hold shift to make it evenly proportioned, it... well, it gets fit to a square, instead of being a regular hexagon. This doesn't seem all that useful... why would anyone want a hexagon that's fit to a square? Regular hexagons are so much better!
  4. Minor bug with the installer: I enabled the option in the installer to update to beta versions, but when I got into Paint.NET itself, I saw that the option was disabled.
  5. Hi! Longtime Paint.NET user, first time poster here Just thought I'd ask about the Paint.NET installer... Why is it an exe packed in a zip? Why not just distribute the exe? That would make installing Paint.NET slightly more straightforward
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