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I have the same problem which has been reported by a few other members but unable to find a definitive solution where installation seems to have been done correctly.


I have downloaded PAINT.NET 3.5.10 which works OK. I then downloaded PSD PAINT.NET, unzipped and pasted Photoshop.dll (version to FILES TYPE  (in the PAINT.NET program folder). The FILES TYPE folder did not have anything else in it at the time.


I then re-started PAINT.NET but when trying to open PDF files previously saved in Photoshop CD6 then it states the file type is not recognised. I wish to be able to edit and print the PDF files in PAINT.NET.

I did try the "open as" feature directly from the files, instructing all files of that type to open with PAINT.NET but had the same errot.


The PDF files will of course open in Adobe Reader but obviously cannot edit there whilst the print quality from Adobe Reader does seem to be quite bad by comparison to Photoshop prints.


Does it mean PAINT.NETcannot open PDF files?


Thanks your comments

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Okay...where to start with this...


PDN = Paint[Dot]Net


PDN files are Paint.Net's default filetype. It supports all the layers and stuff (keeping it simple..) within Paint.Net. PDN also supports a large amount of image file types along with additional ones you can download through Plugins -> Like the PSD Filetype.



PDF = Portable Document Format


For the purpose of time's sake, let's say that PDF files open up documents in a more structured, minimal way similar to Microsoft Word's files (.doc/.docx). It is NOT an image file type, or anything to do with PDN at all.




The attached file is a screenshot of a PDF.


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The plugin allows you to open PSD files, not just any file saved in Photoshop.

As far as I know, there isn't a way to open PDF files with paint.net. You'll have to use a different program to save it as an image first.

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alainrichard: Please repost your problem in the thread where the plugin was released.  That way we keep all the conversations about the plugin in the same place.  Thanks.

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