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Hey guys,

I do love PDN since I came across this awesome app for about 2 or 3 months.

Though, I'm missing a feature that PSP and PS already offer: image information. That is, there spawns a little dialog showing me information about the image's resolution, pixel depth, pixel per inch, number of layers / alpha-channels, used amount of memory on the disc / RAM, copyright information, watermarks and EXIF, too.

So, I'd like to know if it's possible to get PDN showing such information (not necessarily all, but some)? :)

Thanks in advance,

Martin.. :)

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Hello @Eagle.  It is not a good idea to revive old posts (this one is 10 years old), as requested in the RULES:


11) Don't reply to very old threads. Also known as "reviving" or "resusitating" old/dead threads. Also called "necroposting" (eww). If there has been no discussion in a thread for, say, 3 months ... then it is dead. Do not reply to it -- pretend like it is locked. If you reply to it, then the thread will be immediately locked and your post may be deleted. Please just create a new thread if you have something to say about that subject. However, this rule does not apply to The Overflow, Tutorials, Pictorium, or Plugins sections of the forum.


A new thread will probably be a better idea ;).


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