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  1. Yes, such a plugin would be useful. I'd love to see it implemented in a way similar to newer MS Office version which provide such meta data (and ways to edit, too) via application menu (e. g. green "File" in Excel 2010) -> Information -> right half of the overlay dialog. Regarding layer count: that's a nice workaround. But wouldn't it be nice to have a status bar, showing "Layers: X" - just next to already provided information like dimensions in pixels, current cursor position, unit, zoom level, etc.? I apologize, if I didn't explain it correctly. I do know that PDN can't do it right now. However, I'd like to request that it can by submitting this request in order to get it onto the roadmap. To say it clearly: thanks for providing those workarounds. I do appreciate your commitment/dedication, help and professionalism! It's fine with me, if it's "down the list". All I'm asking for is to have it on that list - but unfortunately, what used to be PDN's roadmap, is more "changelog only" than "roadmap + changelog" nowadays. Maybe that could be improved, too?
  2. I'm starting to think we're going round in circles: I quoted from an old thread (which is preferred here instead of reviving old threads - which is preferred throughout the most of forums I'm a member of) that PDN's main developer stated he wanted to develop that post-3.0. Now, being post-4.0, I just quoted and addressed that. But instead of getting a "Oh, yes, he did. Well, Rick, what about your plans for 4.x?", all I get is "use software X or Y then". But I do love PDN and want to continue to use it - all I'm asking for is about extending already existing functionality by putting it on the roadmap, if he is convinced my suggestion is worth it.
  3. PDN _is_ for me, but I do like to view all information at hand - Photoshop offers such functionality, too and - at least from my point of view - PDN aims to offer several functions of that, too.
  4. Well, restarting PDN for a second time (just started it to double check I'm not blind) offered me those options. Thanks again, issues resolved!
  5. Thanks for your suggestion, but it's not an option, because I want one image editor not multiple and I also want to edit such information (e. g. EXIF).
  6. Thanks, @null54 for the link. Indeed, I meant progressive JPG. But just like OptiPNG, downloading the files, copying them into [PDN-root]\FileTypes folder, (re-)starting PDN and saving a blank image as either JPG or PNG just brings up the normal PDN dialog, no enhanced features are shown. Are you guys willing to help me out one more time?
  7. Unfortunately, it's less about what is technically possible, but instead more about what the customer requests.. :-/ But again, I'm thankful for the additional hint about WebP. I didn't even know it exists.
  8. Since my original thread got closed because of reasons I won't comment on, I'd still like to see such information (EXIF, pixel-depth, pixel per inch, layer count, etc.)) displayed within PDN's status bar and or another appropriate place. As stated in the original thread, this was allegedly on the plate for PDN post-3.0. But nowadays, we're even post-4.0, so I'd like to ask for such a feature.
  9. While I'm thankful for that hint, it seems that OptiPNG doesn't support interlacing of JPG files.
  10. Sure, I'm obviously the only person requesting it so far. But I find it hard to believe that I'm the only person in need of it. Interlacing is _the_ technique when it comes to loading and rendering images on small-bandwidth devices (e. g. mobile phones on lower networks with EDGE or something like that) whenever you want to prevent that "line by line"-loading misery. I didn't ask for an implementation, not even "right now, because you have to". I politely asked to put it onto the roadmap for "vANY". But alright, I get the point of yours.
  11. @Rick Brewster: according to @Crazy Man Dan, my request was on your plate for post-3.0 Since we're even post-4.0 nowadays, may I ask for this feature on the roadmap, too?
  12. @Rick Brewster, can this at least be put onto the roadmap for PDN?
  13. So, will it be supported? If so, can I get an ETA (something like "within 3 months" or so)?
  14. Alright, sounds good.. Though, what about the other information like number of layers, pixels per inch and pixel depth?