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  1. No, that's a different crash. Olden is sending bad data to another built-in plugin. NormalMapPlus is trying to access memory that it doesn't have permission for. I'll file a bug though ... I may need to block both of these plugins if there isn't a reasonable workaround I can find.
  2. I've been getting a lot of crash reports with Olden. I may be able to fix it for 4.0.17 ... but if not, I may need to block it :-\
  3. No, but I have a blog, https://blog.getpaint.net/
  4. Sorry, this isn't possible. However, keyboard shortcuts make this pretty good. If you press Alt+B it will jump to the By Percentage and you can type in the % you want. So let's say you're doing many images and resizing them all to 350%. You would do something like: First, copy "350" to the clipboard (select it and press Ctrl+C) Navigate to image #1 loop starts here: Ctrl+R (Image -> Resize) Alt+B (By Percentage) Ctrl+V (Paste 350 into the text field) Enter (the same as clicking OK) ... wait for Resize to finish ... Ctrl+Tab (go to next image) go back to "loop starts here" and repeat as many times as needed It's a bit of a grind but it's not so bad. There are also some really good batch image processor programs out there that may be better for this than Paint.NET.
  5. "I've read the rules but I'm going to break them anyway" ??? Paint.NET isn't coming to the Mac, that should be clear. A virtual machine is your best tool.
  6. Yeah we're not going to help you forge an official document. If you really are just trying to trick your friend for some laughs then have fun but leave us out of it.
  7. If you have a Quadro then you won't be able to install the GeForce driver. Get the latest Quadro driver from nvidia.com.
  8. Did you install the latest drivers for your Quadro 2000m? From nvidia.com?
  9. Thanks everyone I did not buy a new car but I did install a new video card
  10. Did you recently install the Windows 10 Creators Update? If so, the upcoming 4.0.17 update should help a lot. A combination of the newest Windows 10 update and the .NET 4.7 update resulted in some stupid (and ugly) cursor scaling by WinForms.
  11. That doesn't always mean your system's out of memory, so don't take it too personally. It just means that whatever system component was asked to handle this said "out of memory". Sometimes they conflate all sorts of things into generic error messages. GDI+ is infamous in this regard. From that trace, I can tell that the clipboard contained a link to a file that was claimed to be an image. And then loading the image didn't work, and the thing that was supposed to load the image said "out of memory." So that's just the information that Paint.NET has to work with. The clipboard in Windows is notoriously fickle and ornery...
  12. What I meant by "just google it" is that sharpening an image is a well known algorithm in Computer Science and Graphics. Paint.NET isn't really doing anything novel here, aside from maybe some optimizations. So you'll just have better success if you broaden the scope of your search. You can also use something like Reflector or ILSpy to take a peek at a disassembly of Paint.NET's DLLs. You'd want to look at what's in PaintDotNet.Effects.dll.
  13. Could you describe what you're doing? It's kind of hard to tell what's going on with these videos