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  1. If you can get a solid repro, I'd really appreciate it. This is one of those mysterious crashes I've never been able to fix and I still get a slow trickle of reports about it in my inbox.
  2. Thanks for the info Danialr I'll forward this along to those who are sending me crash logs about this...
  3. Wow! :O I guess the high-DPI fixes they made in .NET 4.7 aren't working so well just yet with paint.net. Once .NET 4.7 is available for down-level (that is, Win7 SP1), I'll be releasing an update that uses it. Some of the WinForms fixes are opt-in, so maybe it'll fix that.
  4. I've been getting a few reports of this "NoHardwareDeviceException" error. The weird thing is that it's happening on code paths which are using Direct2D's software rendering facilities. I honestly have no idea right now, but I'll keep gathering the crash logs to build a pile of evidence and I'll see what I can do from there.
  5. Settings (gear icon at top right) -> Tools
  6. Thanks Krazy / Labrinth. Invitation sent!
  7. 4.6 is required, not 4.6.2. And you should install the updates. Otherwise you're going to be vulnerable to things like viruses and hackers. Not joking.
  8. I'm not sure I understand ... The Gradient tool -- and all drawing tools, in fact -- are clipped to the active selection. Magic Wand uses the same algorithm as the Paint Bucket to determine which pixels it operates on. So wouldn't it work to first use Magic Wand to define the area, and then the Gradient tool to fill it in?
  9. Has this happened only once, or can you get it to happen repeatedly? If the latter, can you share a list of instructions on how to get this to happen?
  10. I think this will be easy to fix in paint.net. However, I won't be able to push any updates for ~2 weeks because I'll be traveling for work. So, if it's really important, you should consider rolling back from the Creator's Update. I don't know how well it works to roll back and then roll forward though ... I did that once on another system with 1607 (the previous "big update" for Win10) and it ended very badly (I had to reformat and reinstall everything *argh*).
  11. Yeah let me look into that. I was noticing myself that it was slower. It doesn't take 10 seconds for me but I also don't have 500 plugins installed They did make some changes in the Creators Update that seem to reduce flickering and other visual glitches with resize/redraw across all apps. This seems to cost performance. I'm curious if that's in effect here too.
  12. What's the error it shows?
  13. Okay I've released 4.0.16 which will fix the crashing and stop the bleeding. This is affecting a lot of people judging by the crash logs in my inbox. We'll have to keep digging to figure out the hanging issue and whether it's something specific to your system(s), OS versions/updates, or something else.
  14. This is a hotfix for a crash that results from copying images from some web browsers. Unfortunately this seems to be the result of a bug in either the .NET Framework or Windows. I'll try to follow up with folks at Microsoft when I have some time to do so. As usual, you can download the update directly from the website, or you can use the built-in updater via Settings –> Updates –> Check Now. Change log: Fixed a crash or hang that sometimes happens when copying images from Internet Explorer, Edge, or Firefox, and then using File->New or Edit->Paste in paint.net
  15. I just installed the Creators Edition (that is, Win10 Version 1703) on my main system. There are always some low-level changes and fixes that they don't advertise. I just noticed they fixed a bunch of systemic flickering (or at least uninitialized painting) that has affected all Windows-based UI for decades, interestingly enough. For a taste, open up the Settings dialog in paint.net and go to Tools. Then, play around with resizing the window. You'll see some funky visual glitches on previous versions of Windows, but in Win10 v1703 it's just gone. They fixed "the L" ... finally. In particularly, IRON67 said above: