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  1. Ed Harvey Effects Archive

    All of the download links give me a 404 error now :-\ I was going to test to see what the errors were
  2. Sometimes it parses out to an auto-link, sometimes it doesn't. I haven't seen full consistency on this. I find it's best to just put a space in there, like "paint .net" or "paint. net". You could also use a "zero width space" Unicode character, although this feels like major overkill... http://www.fileformat.info/info/unicode/char/200B/index.htm There's probably a way to type it out with the keyboard using Alt+####, but you can also use Character Map (charmap.exe), which is built-in to Windows.
  3. R.I.P. MSPaint

    It's not really being removed or retired. It's simply moving to the Windows Store and being put into maintenance mode.
  4. Paint.net On Mac

    run it in a VM
  5. 4.0.17 Bug report

    How many processors/CPUs do you have assigned to the VM? Is it 1? If so, does it start working if you assign 2+ cores to the VM? (Many VMs default to 1 core. I'm not sure I've been testing with only 1 core, and maybe there's a deadlock lurking in the code somewhere...)
  6. 4.0.17 Bug report

    It's probably not related to the version of Paint.NET What happens if you disable your antivirus? I've seen a few cases of Windows Defender causing either really bad performance or outright app hangs
  7. No need to worry about the technical aspect of the implementation (the "how", in other words). I've already got that figured out. JSON should work great here.
  8. paint.net 4.0.17 is now available!

    How fast "optimizing performance" takes will depend almost entirely on your CPU. And, if you've very recently done a Windows or .NET update, it may take a lot longer. It's just how things work.
  9. Russian localization issue

    Your user name is "hooddy" over at crowdin ?
  10. Russian localization issue

    Okay thanks I'll make sure these get into the next update In addition, if anyone would like to volunteer to help out with the Russian translation, then create an account at crowdin.net and let me know so I can invite you to the paint.net translation project over there
  11. paint.net 4.0.17 is now available!

    The Optimization folder may not be valid on other systems. It's used for something called Multicore JIT and does not affect the operation of the app (only the performance). https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/dotnet/2012/10/18/an-easy-solution-for-improving-app-launch-performance/ The SessionData folder is expected to be pretty heavy in terms of write activity and size of data. I would not want that to be stored on a USB key, it could totally make the app run really slow and burn out your USB key. I am concerned that "Paint.NET User Files", which is parked under the Documents folder, is not stored locally to the app. So I will need to address that in the next update. So, the goal of my "portable mode" here was not that it wouldn't leave any files behind on the system ("stealth" as you call it). At least, it wasn't what I targeted so far.
  12. paint.net 4.0.17 is now available!

    The USB key is where the app settings are written to, and that file is updated as the program is running. So, depending on how often that file needs to be rewritten, the performance of the USB stick could affect things in the way you describe. I don't think it's really that the USB stick is "slow" in a relative sense. Just that Paint.NET may just be reading/writing it too much.
  13. paint.net 4.0.17 is now available!

    Portable version is still very much in "DIY" territory for now. And, it's still in its infancy so there will probably be glitches and gotcha, and not yet something to broadly advertise and encourage. It's there if you want to try it, but it's not yet refined, in other words. The lagginess could be due to the performance of the USB stick ... I'll keep an eye on this
  14. Russian localization issue

    Can you provide me with what the translation should be? The person who handled the Russian translation did not provide an update for 4.0.17. All I have is the machine translation. "Please find the native russian grafx designer for details." <-- not possible
  15. Well, that's ... unexpected. I'm now worried that the problem will randomly come back in 4.0.18, then disappear in 4.0.19, etc. But at least it works right now ! Please report back if it breaks again