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How to create a border

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No doubt a easy question, but it's eluding my simple brain.

I have tried a method described elsewhere whereby you reduced the canvas size to say 95% then increase it by 105%, but the problem with this is that it doesn't create a border of equal width. The sides of a landscape orientated rectangular image end up being thicker than the top and bottom.

Is there a simple method for obtaining a border of equal thickness?


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You could always use the line tool, adjust it to the desired thickness and draw four lines along the border of your canvas.


If you're having too much difficulty of simply drawing it on the very edges (not close enough or partially cut-off), draw your line on a separate layer and then move the layer to the edge so it lines up nicely with it. By doing each line in this manner, you should be able to get what you desire.

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You could use part of the image as the border it can produce some great effects, think there was a tut about it somewhere.

1. On your image layer use the rectangle selection tool and select an area inside your image.

2. Use the white arrow ( move selection ) on the nubs of the selection and use the arrow keys on the keyboard to move it so that it is 10px smaller than your image all the way round.

3. Press ctrl+I to invert your selection then ctrl+C to copy it then open a new layer and press ctrl+V to paste it.

4. Double click on this layer to open the layer blending window and change the blending mode.

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