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Where's the Select Object Tool?

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No, really. The first thing I do with any new drawing tool is

1. Draw a square.

2. Select the square.

3. Begin tweaking the square's properties--stroke width and color, fill, pattern, etc.

So how do you select the object you just drew? All I'm seeing is 'select an area' tools, which of course won't work for adjusting a specific drawing object.

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Draw your objects on separate layers. That way, you don't even have to select the objects to tweak properties.

It sounds like you have been using vector drawing programs a lot. If you've ever tried a raster drawing program like paint.net, you would know that everything works in pixels and not objects. Once you draw an object, it is converted to pixels and becomes part of the picture. The properties of that object will not be remembered and cannot be adjusted the way you are thinking.

If you don't like what you just read, how's this: raster image programs allow for more sophisticated filters than vector images. You can make much cooler-looking pictures in raster editors. If that still doesn't help, I would recommend you check out inkscape (if you haven't already).

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As pdnnoob stated, always draw objects on their own layer. Once you've done that, you can do this:

1. Activate the Magic Wand tool :MagicWandTool:

2. Click anywhere in the layer NOT covered by your object.

3. Invert the selection with Ctrl + I

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  • 11 years later...

@Michael1337 Welcome to the forum.

You have revived an 11 year old thread ...and said your issue is different.
Please don't do this. Start a new topic.

But before doing that, I'm going to ask you to read the Forum Rules (see the link at the top of the page). Please read them all and note in particular #11.
The rules are there for a reason. Please follow them.

To discover the answer your question you should take some time to read the well written Documentation.

Click the :Help: Help icon top right in paint.net or go here: https://www.getpaint.net/doc/latest/index.html

Look at 'Tools | Selection Tools' and then 'Tools | Move Tools'. Try out the examples and all will become clear.

Then work your way through the rest of the Documentation. You'll discover a lot that will help in your use of paint.net


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@Michael1337 as @Tactilis says, you should have started a new topic for this.


Also, YouTube has loads of videos for beginners as well.








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12 hours ago, Michael1337 said:

My issue is different though. I don't need to draw anything.  I have copied and pasted a screenshot and now I need to select a part of the screenshot and move it.  Where is the select button to select the area?  Thanks


If your issue is different then open a new thread for it ... I'm not sure why'd you'd reply to an unrelated thread?

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