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I'm not sure whatyou mean by "iridescent", but there is a tutorial at the link below which may provide you some information that you seek for making fur/grass and the like:


Also, a member recently did a cat image and further in his gallery he mentions what he did (though not specifically a tutorial). That may give you a little insight as well:


Good luck

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1. displaying a play of lustrous colors like those of the rainbow.


o.0 are you looking for something like what this person did?

If you could, find and post (or link to) and image of the sort of thing you are attempting to create. Help us help you ;)

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Jim, that fur tutorial helped quite a lot, I've more or less got the effect I desired.

I mean iridescence like this


See how the fur's color varies depending on the amount of light that hits it and the angle it gets hit at? (Some carpets have iridescence as well, mine does)

Another example would be:


So basically what I found: The fur tutorial to make the iridescent furs, a gradient bar to add in the appearance of a smooth colour change, and another gradient to get rid of the iridescent fur where it is not wanted.

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Try applying a metalic sheen with this plugin Metallize

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