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Suggestion: Tool plug-ins to toolbar

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Not at the moment. The plugin system limits access to certain aspects of Paint.NET as I'm sure you're aware.

Several plugin authors have made tool type plugins and placed these in a submenu called Tools (Effects | Tools). They still require a dialog and their own drawing surface to interface with Paint.NET though. These are the building blocks we currently have to play with.

I'm not aware that Rick has ever mentioned allowing new tools/plugins to be added to the tool window.

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Sounds like a 50's sci-fi flick:

Attack of the 100 Foot Tall Tools Window! - in 3-D ...

"Watch in horror as power hungry users flee from their monitors! Delight in seeing developers pull out their hair trying to make them happy! A family treat that will leave you docked to your seat!" -- LA Weekly

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Gallery at PDN-Fans

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