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Scratch everything. That was from when I was a newbie. Mods said one gallery thread, so I hope it's all right if I reboot this one. Starting again, better work. Not terrible, blurry careless messes. But I don't want to know how to use vectors and stuff though- I like plugin heavy Paint.Net and nothing else. Things that actually look... Decent.


JkJJNUL.pngMore soon-I have to work on my signature here. I wonder if anyone remembers me.

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Other galley thread locked. ONE gallery at a time please TFprime.

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This gallery to me looks like a work that someone who was the newbie to PDN might create.

You need to incorporate a some professional details into it.

Only because you are new that I am saying this quite gently: TFPrime is 12 years old. I am glad he is spending time on artworks & not out wreaking havoc & destruction like some. I think his skills & concepts are well developed for a 12 year old.


Knowledge is no burden to carry.


April Jones, 2012

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