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  1. Could I have some comments on the newest addition?
  2. I love your work! Very creative!
  3. I have to make at least 3 pictures relating to china and I'm brain dead I'm desperate at this stage. I'll accept any ideas at all..
  4. don't apologize You didn't do anything ...
  5. If that was taken on bad PC I wonder what it would look like on good PC. But anyway way goood work!
  6. Very creative! Hope to see more from your soon!
  7. I'm just wondering, does your position in IMVU require you to have some graphics background? And I really like how your sig represents who your are.
  8. I know that. I didn't see the post giving him 3 points. Now can we start?
  9. Welcome to PDN. I hope to see more of you soon.
  10. I find your work very creative. I especially love the orb of earth and the jelly been with wings! but make shure to use AA. Great work!
  11. I did. Now can the battle start please?
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