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  1. .. *Facepalm* He probably didn't download it in the right place. xD
  2. Been playing a little game called Digimon Battle Online. I used to play it quite a bit. I just wanted to go back to playing because I have some awesome Digimon. It's not popular, has bad graphics, and is now ignored by the G.M's... But, I love it for some odd reason. Flamedramon name: Flare Terriermon name: Barnaby :3 Agumon name: PyroFire Fanbeemon name: Mach Betamon name: FISH THING (Not to be all caps, that's just his name. It's in all caps xD) Going to make a Sig soon about it
  3. Currently re-watching Digimon Tamers. Personally, I never thought Digimon, especially Tamers was really a kids show. Tamers is a favorite season to most. And I love it. I can't the sad ending out of my head after a year.
  4. ^ Awesome show. Watch it on a normal basis. My friends think it's nerdy but that's the whole plot.
  5. Here's where you post what you're excited about. It can be anything really. Here, I'll start. Meet the Pyro is in 30 minutes! Watching the countdown right now.
  6. I can put the link in, I just can't edit what the link says instead of the URL.
  7. Listening to the full 'Plastic Beach' album from Gorillaz.
  8. @Kemaru What's it like? Is it like a nap or like a jump in time or something?
  9. I don't know how to change the what the text says in the link D:
  10. @Barbie: I should probably link that. @Ego: Lol.
  11. Is it just me or are these forums dieing? I feel like last time I was here every post would rack up like... 10 replies a day. Now it's one post on a random thread each day. It's probably me. But it makes me... Sad. Idk. Mods go ahead and lock this thread, just needed to get this thought out.
  12. The yellow egg guy is derpy. I like it!
  13. The purple spirally thing is beautiful. Simple but absolutely amazing.
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