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  1. WOW it's been a long time since I stopped by here. How is everyone?!
  2. I'll stick with my tradition of posting weird music with this one
  3. I recorded an Ambient style cover of an incredible song by Hans Zimmer. Here's my take on Time from the Inception Soundtrack http://soundcloud.com/matt_b-1-1/time-w-piano
  4. TWD Season 3 is easily the best of the series so far!
  5. Wow that's crazy good! only problem I have with is is that by having the 4 inside the O it makes the O look too small 9/10
  6. I cant find a single source that says that anyone has died from it. EDIT: and get them to do The Gauntlet Challenge instead
  7. Always preview the songs on iTunes before you buy an album, even if it's not from iTunes In other news, glad to see that Australian can hold its weight with quality prog acts
  8. No problems, you should definitely grab a copy of Steven Wilson's album, Grace for Drowning. It's a homage to the 70's progressive music style that's dripping with Yes and King Crimson influences. Here's another song you might enjoy
  9. My goodness, new Steven Wilson track is beyond this world
  10. Been playing DayZ lately, it's so intense and a great game even in it's beta phase
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