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Feature Request: Open PDN with no addons

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Sometimes, I just want to open a picture and view it/do some simple cropping. With over 300 addons, PDN can take about 10 seconds to load, which can get a bit annoying. Could there be some option to set PDN to open with no addons, and consequently, an option to load the addons (after PDN has been opened, it then loads the addons and refreshes the menu display so the addons are there)? I know people might tell me to switch my default program to something else, but that isn't the workaround I'm looking for.

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It would be better to just load them asynchronously off the UI thread like fonts do now. That is, PDN would start and be usable instantly, while the plugins load in the background without the user noticing unless they try to use a plugin immediately.


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Move every plugin you haven't used for two weeks into a sub folder in the /Effects/ folder (mine is called /Effects/Unloaded/).

Paint.net will load much faster if you have fewer plugins - so be ruthless.

Q: What on earth are you doing with 300 plugins? Have you actually used them all, or are you just hoarding them?

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