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Transform a selection?

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I have searched but cant find the answer.

It such a simple task but I cant figure it out...

I want to transform a selection... spin, widen, shorten, change form by dragging handles?

How do I do this?

The "Rotate / Zoom" tool is not what im looking for. (I think? Its not working like I want it too anyway)


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Hi ScifiGirl,

If you have Pdn open and press the F1 keyboard button it takes you to a description of all the tools.

:MoveSelectionTool: - moves the area to be selected.

:MoveTool:- moves the actual stuff inside the selection.

In other words you are moving the selected area - as the O.P. asked.
If you want to move the selection itself use the dark blue arrow.

Hope that is what you meant. :)

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This thread should not be in the tutorial section...

<Moved to Paint.NET Discussion & Questions>

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Well since you've found what you needed and this is an old topic and there is a forum rule (rule 11) about necroposting...

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