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  1. thank you Barbie I did this early this morning and yes, my cold was a little better so I could focus. Its for a friend on my forum
  2. been away so long SeeRose, they are utterly gorgeous
  3. Thank you all again and no, I've not left you just had and still have, the worst flu I've experienced in my life. getting a little better now tho. Haven't done all that much since last time, no energy ....I did some editing of some of my own photos though, found some cool effects with PDN and one siggy
  4. Kemaru, RedBeard. Thank you so much for your words Scooter! I know that its putting them into practice that escapes me with PDN I mean
  5. Leggo!!!! NN, I love it Now if only I was here earlier, this comp I could have done wonderful works everyone
  6. congrats to everyone, awesome jobs. I wish I had of voted, not here much lately Lol...
  7. Funny isn't it. I've been here for a few weeks now and only after you posted David I noticed your sig and avi! Awesome! The reason why I can't comment on SGU, is because they moved it to cable here after only 3 episodes and that is all I've seen It was great tho Thank you CC For me it is a lot of work, I'm not the best at anything like this as all my time with graphics has been making simple siggys With Jack and Daniel, that was even harder as I still struggle with getting a nice neat cut out. The edges I tried to clean up with the eraser......not so good Lol Pixey they are wonderful compliments, thank you so much I'm still learning with PDN and have a long way to go though Lol.... the Elephant one is still my favorite glad to be of service Drew and I hope my future work can continue to make people smile Thanks Kemaru there are some things that escape me, light and shadows is one of them. But I guess I'll learn soon enough some of my new forum sigs They are not all mine, some are for friends
  8. Thank you Helen I got hooked on Stargate through my parents. I was too young to stay up when it was on, but around 2002, they started buying the DVD's Still hooked, I sometimes have marathons with it. Atlantis is awesome to, can't say a lot about SGU tho Lol... Mottoman, thank you. Its not anywhere as easy as photoshop and I still struggle, but yeah, you do need patience. Still the eraser is the worst for me, it's not the best for this kind of work.
  9. thank you!!!! I did make a few errors, but I am learning slowly. Scooter!! you always make me LMAO!!!! yeah I saw that, so I um....sort of fixed it
  10. thank you Helen, its my favorite as well. New one, I call it Stargate Prairie
  11. CC, SeeRose and David. Thank you all for you lovely comments and inspiration. I really appreciate it. David, I did try both the 'oil painting' and 'pastel', it didn't look so good so I scrapped that idea. I did look over more recent stuff, from 1966 onwards and a few of those, were more or less photo impressions rather than straight out artworks. Though I will admit the artworks (even today) were still in the majority.
  12. Thank you CC, love your suggestions as I did want to make her(me actually lol) look more painted on. I tried doing the opacity thing, it didn't come out quite as I expected. The cutting out was HARD! Lol. As originally it was on a pink background. If you zoom in, you might see some evidence of that. The aeroplane is a stock USAF B52 photo off the web.
  13. thank you so much Seerose and Barbie., That photo, despite how it may look easy to do, cut paste, erase etc, was actually quite hard to do. I spent a few hours on it getting it right, especially the colours and blending the background. This one was totally for fun. I was watching "Memphis Belle" last week with my fiance and I was inspired by the artwork on the front of the aeroplanes. Charlie suggested I do one from another era and so I was looking at Vietnam photos. So this is my version and I did try to 'age' the photo as well.
  14. I use photobucket, its much easier than most of the other photo storage sites
  15. Absolutely amazing Rose. I love the colours. So vibrant
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