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Storm / Vortex Tutorial


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Mayor McSteeze here proud to present to you the Storm/Vortex Abstract tutorial!

Off Topic Bit:

100th Post edition.

Heres a preview of what we will be making today.



Before we begin, Heres a list of plugins you will need, None!

Lets Get Ready To Rumble! [/boxing announcer]

But seriously, lets get started.

Step 1: Create a new canvas :AddNewLayer: (size is up to you, I chose 600X600 because i find it rather attractive)

Step2: Set your Primary color to White and Secondary to Black.

Draw a Radial Gradient :RadialGradient: Like so.

It can be however big or small you fancy it to be.


Step3: Go to Adjustments -> Curves :Curves: (or Curves+ doesnt matter) And set your luminosity Like show below.

Luminosity.jpg (image provided courtesy of @AGJM)

(dont mess with this step, it needs to stay the same for the outcome to look right.)

Step 4: Sharpen :Sharpen: the image at full settings.


Step 5: Run Clouds :Clouds: (Effects -> Render -> Clouds) With a low Scale and roughness around .55-.7 and Blend Mode Set to Color Burn.


Step 6: Duplicate :DuplicateLayer: the current layer.

Step 7: On the Top Layer, Run a :ZoomBlur: Zoom Blur (Effects -> Blurs -> Zoom Blur) in the center of the vortex with zoom amount set around 80-100.


Step 8: Set the top layers Blend Mode :Properties: to Negation.

Step 9: Merge :MergeDown: The Two Layers Down.

Step 10: Color your layer with Color Tint, Color Balance Or Just Plain Old :Curves: Curves.

Choose What ever colors you think will look best.

(I Chose a Dark Blue but its up to you.) Make it as Fruity as you want.


Step 11: (Im losing track :cry:)

Duplicate :EditCopy: the current layer so you will have 2, count em' 2 layers.

Step 12:

(This Step is optional, but i think it adds a nice touch.)

Run Smudge On the Top Most layer, (Effects -> Distort -> Smudge) And Smudge in the area's shown below in the intricate diagram.


Remember, It's optional.

Step 13: On the top layer, run twist (Effects -> Distort -> Twist) With the settings seen below.


Step 14: Now, switch to the Bottom Layer and run Twist again with these settings. (Pay attention to the twist amount!)


Step 15: Almost done, Set the Top Layers Blend Mode :Properties: to Lighten.


Grats, Your all done!

Here is the result from making this tutorial:


Another Outcome:


I Hope you enjoyed this tutorial almost as much as i enjoyed making it ( Which was a lot, per say.)

Feel Free to leave comments and post your creations as well.

-Mayor McSteeze

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This tut shows how simple that creating visually striking images can be. Thank you Mayor McSteeze. The first of my images is what happened when I set the top layer's blend mode to difference, bottom layer to lighten, and then merged the layers.


The second image you see here is what happened when I set the layers blend mode to lighten, and merged them together.


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Okay. I changed this a little.

After finishing the tut, Duplicate then Invert Horizontal on the top layer.

Set top layer mode to lighten.

Merge Down.

Repeat but use Invert Vertical this time.

Duplicate the single layer you have.

Use zoom blur on the center at the first notch or whatever you call those things on the slider.

Make the zoom blur layer on the bottom.

Set top mode to difference. merge down.

That is an interesting result.

I started with a purplish color.

Heres what I got after all that:


Started with 1800x1800 then scaled down.

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