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  1. For me it was all easy to undertand. Step 6 too I hadn't any problems:D Here's what I made
  2. Welll like I've promised - heres mine
  3. Well from all My Trys on this Tutorial, I think this is actually the best one Thanks very much for this tut. I just love this oytcome
  4. OOOHHHH they are so cute I have to try to make some of them RÄ°GHT NOW :D:D Will post my result later today !! Oh and well written Tut. Easy to understand
  5. No, I have a real bad Internet connection and it takes to long to load it up... But I've made an other one maybe It's a little better ?
  6. Thank you ClockworkDemon:D Why don't you post your result? It sounds interesting - your Mix with Hexagrid...
  7. Well, I've added a Noise to each Layer... but your right maybe I should do it one more. And I've did with size 2000x2000 and resized it smaller I have it now as my Screensaver cause I can't stop looking on it... It's really realistic
  8. Thats a real nice tut! I like the outcome very much. Thanks Piney heres my result
  9. Oh yeah thats a very cool tut !! Have tried it out and here's my result Thanks for sharing !!
  10. I've made the lines a little thinner an flipped/rotated them Looks like a abstract flower I think:) Thanks or the tut flip I think I can use for more Ideas I have...
  11. I've made it with some other brushes cause I was too lazy to download some new ones:P I Like the outcome
  12. I think yhe Idea is good... you can make a lot with it even lide your own name on visit cards,letters or something but I don't know for what I could use it... But here's my outcome
  13. Ohh.. that's a cute outcome and nice tut!! My try
  14. I've made some glossy balls with your tut Very nice tut, I like the outcome very much !!
  15. I have problems with opening the pdf... Don't know why?? With wich program have you guys opened it??
  16. My try Real nice tutorial =) Very easy to follow !! Good job
  17. Hey I'm very new in Paint.net but I love this tutorial. You guys have all so great results... I've tried it so often ( really often ! with letters, circles... ) But I can't get an good looking result The funny thing is, on every try, I made different mistakes. Forgot layers, used false plugins... so I'm still trying to draw in 3 Dimensions and if I get anytime an result nearly goodlooking like yours, I will post it
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