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  1. I have a tip for everyone, espcially for people who use photo bucket, use upURS. It's free, no account needed, simple, and the pictures don't run out. This may sound like advertising, but it's not, It's suggesting. BTW, the avatars look great, I just can't follow the tutorial...
  2. My first spacescape. I know I should have bulged the planet to look more planety, but that was my mistake.
  3. I didn't get such a spectacular twist, but here it is
  4. My current sig. I want to know If I should get a new one
  5. for some reason my computer doesn't like the brushes there. Any other brush suggestions?
  6. cool effect! I did the exact same way you did yours, so it looks exactly the same. (This was the first tut I ever read, so it helped a lot when I started)
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