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  1. Hey everyone. Today in school in my Graphics Art II class, I printed a process color t-shirt of the band, "Chelsea Grin" If you don't know what process color shirts are, it's when you use the ink colors Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black, and it recreates a picture and every color in it, using those four colors. I posted a picture of it, on my "blog about everything." Please check out my blog at the link below, and check out my shirt and give me some feedback maybe? Thanks My blog is located HERE
  2. It's very close, but I'm gonna have to say... Sfifer: 1 N00bz: 3 #winner N00bz Sfifer, don't get me wrong, I love your signature, but I feel, as Balance said, N00bz's flowed better. I think if the town was really faded but still visible at the edges, it would have been much better. Keep up the good work
  3. If I can remember the login credentials then maybe. And I also am. I also hope in one of the upcoming updates, they nerf Trynd. He's OP as <No cursing.>.
  4. Uhm, the previous competition hasn't ended, it's first to 5 votes, not 4.
  5. It's alright for a beginner. There's not much going on, maybe try adding some c4ds from planetrenders.net or http://apophysis.org/ The text's color doesn't match well. But nice work for a beginner.
  6. My bad lol. Btw I played Atlantica too. Great game but I wouldn't consider it like WoW. I have like a level 45 staff main on a server that I hardly play anymore. It has the elephant mount and like 300mil and full +5-+7 gear for all my mercs. And in the Dominance update, they are coming out with a CTF game mode
  7. League of Legends is a great game for PC. You don't have to buy it. Infact, if you click my signature, I refer you to the game and it helps me a lot, but you have to get to level 5 ingame first (it takes like 2 hours TOPS to get to level 5, plus it's entertaining. Arcade style game)
  8. It's first to 5 in 4way? Where does it say that..
  9. Noobz: 3 Balance: 0 Sfifer: 0 TFPrime: 0 I agree with Kemaru, Balance's sig is huge. Sfifers sig is alright, but I've seen it for too long. TFPrimes doesn't really appeal to me.
  10. All the files were deleted or moved?
  11. This is a great tutorial, I made this using your tutorial, combined with and The moon, I made myself.
  12. Whoa these are really cool:) I'm especially eager to find out how you made these backgrounds, if they are from scratch. If they are, tutorial possibly? Keep up the good work! And maybe try a signature or two too. ;D
  13. I took a break from signatures and made a space-related picture, check out my gallery
  14. What do you mean? Like stuff besides signatures?
  15. Fear the Hydra - Take it Personal Check it out, it's all of my friends together in a band. They are all in high school. *WARNING IT IS METALCORE (I guess?) THERE WILL BE SCREAMING*
  16. I've realized that all my recent signatures use the same technique for them all and I realized the background is getting kinda boring. Does anyone have any tips or techniques to try for a signature? Here is the way I go about making my sigs. 1.) Start new project, make a new layer, paste, and resize my render. 2.) Magic wand the transparent area on new layer with render, and invert selection so render is selected. 3.) Create a new layer above the background but under the render, paste the render all over the new canvas, and zoomblur at 100, focal point under the original render. 4.) Sometimes I do the same thing as Step 3, but I smudge the render and set it to some blend mode. 5.) Switch to render layer, grab eraser, and set color to white with opacity of 5, and erase edges of render, so it blends. 6.) Make new layer above all, and make a 1-2px outline of the sig using the line tool. 7.) Add C4Ds 8.) Add text (new layer, white text, drop shadow right behind the text with black, and set blend mode to Overlay at some opacity lower than 255. Any tips or techniques to try? Thanks.
  17. New project made! Steps on how I did it: 1. Started with a new 800x600 cavas. 2. Rendered some clouds with some roughness on it, semi small scale, color and red. 3. Rendered Shape3D. 4. Use feather at 10 px on sphere. 5. Use dents on the sphere, so it looks a little fuzzy, like a little puff ball. 6. Duplicate the layer a bunch of times and color the puff balls using Color Tint. 7. Filled the whole canvas with the puff balls. 8. Used glow a few times to brighten the canvas, but not too bright. 9. Used crystalize to make the puffballs look a little blurry, but not too blurry. 10. Used dents at full setting I believe.
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