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  1. Check out my Gallery!

  2. Okay. I changed this a little. After finishing the tut, Duplicate then Invert Horizontal on the top layer. Set top layer mode to lighten. Merge Down. Repeat but use Invert Vertical this time. Duplicate the single layer you have. Use zoom blur on the center at the first notch or whatever you call those things on the slider. Make the zoom blur layer on the bottom. Set top mode to difference. merge down. That is an interesting result. I started with a purplish color. Heres what I got after all that: Started with 1800x1800 then scaled down.
  3. Thank you! It's nice to know and looks nice!

  4. Favorite: Dream maker These are all really good. I can't suggest anything because I see nothing to suggest. Keep us the Great work. Anything else you are working on?
  5. I play RuneScape! Let the mocking begin!!!
  6. No he's not!!!! Just saw it tonight. It is AWESOME!!!!! Did you see the Sid cameo?
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