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  2. I love it, great tutorial, great result! Here's mine:
  3. ^I give them both 8/10, I think they're good.^ @Champjev I do think you make good signatures, you definitely don't suck. @Zizoiz Thanks for the comments. I'll give yours a 9/10, I love the depth.
  4. I agree. Here are the 360 games I own: Bioshock Crackdown Dead or Alive 4 Forza 2 Guitar Hero III Halo 3 MassEffect (Collectors Edition) TES: Oblivion TC's RainbowSix Vegas 1
  5. Very nice, 8.8/10 Here's another signature I just made:
  6. Okay, what kind of games do you like? I personally love RPG's.
  7. Has anyone read the article in Gameinformer about Gears of War 2?
  8. @Drew I like it, simple and stylish. 8.2/10 @Jake2k Omg...Amazing, 10/10!!!
  9. Very nice, I like the depth it has. 8.6/10, It kind of looks like ice in a way... Here's another signature I've been working on.
  10. 8/10 for the first, very nice. 4/10, cause it's mcdonalds...
  11. This is a signature I made for my game development studio. The image is copyright to me and is 100% PDN.
  12. @Champjev I like it. Very cool, 8.5/10 @iKid Simple but effective, 7.7/10
  13. @LFC4EVER I like the new one better than your older one. 7.5/10 @MaxPower Simple and clean, very nice. 8/10 @andROLL Awesome, 8.8/10 @dawmail333 Very cool! Love it 9/10
  14. @LFC4EVER Thanks a lot, and I'm glad the tutorial was able to help. @Mr.Whiskers I like the orbs a lot, really nice. Thanks for the nice comments.
  15. Yup! I learned a lot, you rock. I love your new signature too. 8.7/10
  16. I'm with you on that. I don't like GTA also. I'm not a fan of Rockstar. They're the ones who makes Jack Thompson happy. (gamers should know who he is) Thompson is a moron anyways, and I commend Rockstar and any other developer for standing up to him.
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