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  1. Free Tan? Adjustments -> Spray on Tan -> Heavy Tan
  2. he wrote a plugin to counter-act the effects of grape allergies.
  3. Im allergic to a lot of things. Including Grapes
  4. Ill rate all 3 of the above sigs @Crisco, Nice work the paper looks great but the outline is a little blurry. 8\10 @Owl, Don't like the size of the sig id like it better if it was bigger so i could see more detail. Left side is to bland and top right is kind of distracting. Render is nice though and text fits nicely. 6\10 @Mayor, For a render sig it's kind of bland but i like that you didn't try to do to much with it. The glowy orange circles and the planet hiding in the top right is a nice touch. Render is a little Aliased though. 7.5\10
  5. I believe the Blurry spot at the top left of the planet is supposed to be a sun glare if im correct? (correct me if im wrong mayor.)
  6. @Owl, Eh, im not really a fan of your new sig. The Bottom left to to blurry and plain and the text just doesn't fit at all. Right side isn't much better It sharp then blurry then sharp. Needs some more work.
  7. When you mumble pyrochild's plugin pack contents in your sleep.
  8. I like the fact that the planet isn't the most up front part of the piece it's just kind of a side note in the back. It really lets the otehr parts stand out. I don't like the part of the cloud (or what ever you wanna call it) thats is totally white i think it takes away from the piece. But otherwise good job
  9. Lol at Csm ^^ Could Someone Please rate my current sig? Iv'e only been using PDN for 2 weeks so go easy on me please
  10. Ah, Best plugin pack ever. Thanks a lot pyro.
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