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Mayor Mcsteeze's Gallery! New Project Update! July 15th, 2011.


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Nice! I like the first one more. How come you use PDN if you have PS? boltbait.tongue.png

I'm in a PS shop class at my school so i don't actually have it, so i love to prove my teacher wrong when i can do better work then him on PDN. :lol:

(The Samus Sig is all PDN though, no PS, the ghost sig had some clipping masks from PS.)

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Update: Figured out what the "grainy" texture was in my most recent sig and fixed it. Also added some more c4d's as suggested.



Not sure if i like the text bar D:

Hope you enjoy the re-make! :lol:

Edited by Mayor_McSteeze
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I like the second one with the text bar. Maybe if you erase over the render it would be better. :D

Except that'd be kind of hard because of the blending of the render. He probably wouldn't be able to tell which is

c4d and which is the render. That's sort of what happened with the kanye sig.

Mayor, try to set the text on the text bar to overlay, and

duplicate and drop opacity as needed. Just so it looks a little more coordinated.

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